baby blanket

Here’s a baby blanket I made for my step-bother’s new baby coming in June. I used minkie red on the back and a cute baby print fleece on the front. Then I appliqued red and white minkie and blue fleece circles for decoration. The pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing, which I love. Minkie […]

Mad about Mad Men and other shows

I’ve been watching Mad Men on iTunes…let me just say, AWESOME! I love the characterization, I love the drama…I REALLY love the glimpse at how far the womens’ liberation movement has really brought us! This show is perfect for Hillary’s campaign. The last episode I saw is the one where the account guys are at […]

more business ideas

There’s a big empty lot near our house. It’s like a house lot with no house – just grass. Each Saturday, it fills with people selling stuff. Old furniture, puppies, even tacos. My husband and I always drive by and say we should buy the lot and put up stands and charge people lot fees […]

business ideas

I went in this fun little paper store…it seemed like a marvel that they could stay in business and pay their lease just by selling stationary. But I got on their email list, and they’re always doing fun things like present wrapping-parties, classes on making party invitations – basically buying their blank stationary, and then […]

bourne ultimatum

We’re watching the Bourne Ultimatum right now. Talk about action packed…so that’s what waterboarding looks like! Pretty frightning – watching a secret arm of the government track phone calls, people movements second by second, order hits with no judge, jury, trial. What’s the point of even having a debate about the death penalty in this […]

gerber life insurance

I always get these offers for Gerber Life Insurance for my kid. It’s like cord blood banking – it’s one of those things that I’m almost scared into buying, like a chain letter or war with Iraq. It’s like whole life insurance or long term care insurance. Do I need it today? Will I regret […]


I recently saw something on talking about how ethanol really isn’t much better environmentally. My brother in law just bought a new Ford F750 or something – just kidding, it’s a F150, but it’s huge and ridiculous. But the sad truth is that it’s awesome. My dad has a Toyota Tundra and it’s also […]