Moxy needs a facelift

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to redesign my blog. I’d like for it to mirror the new design of my etsy store, which also needs to be done. Basically, I’d like to create a cohesive campaign for both, incorporating my personal aesthetic. There’s the rub. What the heck is my personal […]

Officially filed under “WTF!?!”

What is really going on here? Thank goodness for Jenny McCarthy and all the other parents who are keeping Autism under a spotlight. My email from WebMD: March 6, 2008 Girl’s Autism Symptoms Linked to Vaccines Federal health officials have conceded that several vaccines contributed to autism-like symptoms in a 9-year-old girl, Hannah Poling. For […]

some good books

I have been absent far too long. I’ve been a little worn out with the internet and it’s fathomless black hole tendencies on my time. So I’ve been steering clear. But I had to share the latest book I just finished: The Inn at Lake Divine by Elinor Lipman, my new favorite author. There’s a […]