La Bump

Right now, my husband is shopping online for clothes for our son. He’s a little addicted to internet shopping, I think. He was asking me what sizes to get, and I had to say 4T! I can’t believe it. Of course, William isn’t wearing 4T yet, but David was buying him new shorts and t-shirts, […]

fall into fitness

Summer is almost over and we’re about to start our journey to being able to use the gym. I think this is going to involve going to the gym each day and sitting in the kid’s club (day care) for at least a half hour until my son is comfortable. I’m tempted to just get […]

oh, and one more thing

about all the toys. We’re a fairly green family. Except that my husband drives an hour to and from work and works for a water-bottling company. You can bet we recycle those bottles, but still. We compost, we recycle everything, we use reusable bags instead of plastic bags – except to hold cat poop, we […]

nanny cams

I think if we ever do get a babysitter – we’re definitely going to get a nanny cam. So beware, all you would-be William watchers! This site as the coolest hidden spy camera stuff. Some of it is a little James Bond for me – like the bug finder…but some of it is awesome. A […]

Officially filed under “WTF!?!”

What is really going on here? Thank goodness for Jenny McCarthy and all the other parents who are keeping Autism under a spotlight. My email from WebMD: March 6, 2008 Girl’s Autism Symptoms Linked to Vaccines Federal health officials have conceded that several vaccines contributed to autism-like symptoms in a 9-year-old girl, Hannah Poling. For […]