Giveaway! Win a Camera Strap with Moxy!

In my fervor to make the 10 straps for the Casual Blogger Conference, I ended up making 11! So, I’ll be giving away the extra one on Friday, April 30. To enter to win this lovely handmade dslr/slr camera strap, made with my current favorite KEI Honeycomb fabric, you have to do three things:

* Become a Moxywares fan on Facebook. (I think you just hit ‘like’ now.)

* Join/Sign in to follow my blog in the top right corner.

* Leave a comment on this post.

Deadline to enter is noon pacific on Friday, April 30. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by!

**Update – Congrats to the winner, Janice! Comments are now closed.**

Casual Bloggers Conference

I got a message from LeeLou requesting camera straps for the Casual Bloggers Conference, and although I’m only donating 10, I feel like the conference peeps will be stoked to get them in their goodie bag – unless they don’t have a DSLR camera. What do you think of my packaging? My days as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator really come in handy sometimes. Thanks for the piles of leftover supplies, Stampin’ Up!

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-09

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-10

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-01

Hexagons, revisited again.

First I started out touting the miracle of paper piecing hexagons. Then I quickly figured out that basting in the little papers was double the work – for me, anyway. Many people swear by it. So I made this handy tutorial for hand-piecing with no paper. I still think this method is the best for small hexagons. Then I found this tutorial for bigger hexagons, machine-pieced together! And today, another awesome tutorial – this one video – by fellow LA Modern Quilt Guild member, Liz Harvatine. She’s also got a pdf of hex templates – bigger hexes than my pdf templates. And don’t you love the solids she used? Awesome.

So, there are no excuses now. Make a hexagon quilt already!

so much goodness!

I’ve been on a roaming kick lately. Roaming the web. I can’t help myself! There is so much crafty/foodie blog goodness out there! A couple new favorite blogs:
Lovely pictures, recipes, sewing and knitting ideas and patterns – for sale and for free :)
A fun mix of everything – well written, witty husband and wife duo.
All fabric, all the time.

There’s not enough time in the day! I’m considering implementing a stashbuster mentality around here…anyone else doing this?

And finally, get a load of this bit of out-of-this-world loveliness… Where can I get some of these munki munki prints?! I officially want the martians and the yoga girls. Anyone know?

gems on the web

Oh, there are so many! First of all, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Second, I was over at Heather Bailey’s lovely blog, and I found this super cute free pattern for a bat named Betty Boo. While there, taking in the sites, I noticed a link for Trick-Or-Eat. Feast your eyes on this lovely collection…”nine favorite food, craft & lifestyle bloggers await behind nine haunted houses — with an array of holiday tricks and treats to greet you.” It’s a great collection of recipes and fun ideas…plus the little house graphics are super cute. Great job to all those super bloggers! And while on – one of said super bloggers, I stumbled onto this fun site…treasure abounds at Ask MetaFilter.

For Halloween at the Blabbery house, we are bionicle crazy. This year’s creation was a big success – in fact, this bionicle costume was the first thing I’ve made for my son that he actually liked. His exact words were, “mom, you can make anything!” and “my costume is awesome!” And then he wouldn’t take it off for two days.

There is no higher praise. Meet Mata Nui…


499 – Gems on the web

This is post 499! Eek! Kind of exciting :)

Anyway, some gems on the web: I’m dying to make this quilt. I think I’ve said this before…because someone else had a lovely cross quilt in red and white. But I just love Betty’s in pink and off white. Awesome.

I’ve been asked to make a purse for someone…I do enjoy making purses, but I make little fabric purses. Not nice, stylish leather purses that cool girls in NYC carry or care about. I’m not a cool city girl. I’m a plain homebody girl who likes to sew. ANYWAY, I’m going out on a ledge here and I’ve decided to make this purse, but without the bow. I’ll be using black linen for the main body, and I got a fun floral silk for the binding. We’ll see how it goes.

The best gem on the web these days is my main man Barack. So, if you haven’t read it, it might be wise to familiarize yourself with the health care plan he’s laid out…get it from the horse’s mouth, not the horse’s asses all over the tv.

My final gem for the day is this video…my college band from 1996. I’m in there somewhere, dancing my spandexed-ass off. If you have a spare 8 minutes, you’ll see a glimpse of one of the happiest times in my life. Yay Marching Knights! The Pride of Central Florida!

blog disasters


Two days before we left for our road trip to Montana, I accidentally deleted my blog. That’s right, all 488 posts. Deleted. Years of blabbery and nonsense, gone.

So I inconveniently send my webhost a 911 white flag for support, and of course, it’s July 4th and no one is around. 12 hours later, someone emails me back and says, “Unfortunately, our backups erase after 24 hours. Did you happen to download a backup?”

Sheesh. What do I pay these people for?! But luckily, I had downloaded a backup RIGHT after I deleted the blog. So I had the file and it was no big deal.

But then the guy says, “oh good, now there’s a $30 fee to restore a wordpress database.”

Again, what am I already paying for?!

By then, of course, we were on the road, driving through the lands of no cell service. When we stopped for the night at a hotel, I paid the highway robbery fee for internet service to find out that my credit card on file with my webhost had expired, so they couldn’t charge me the $30. And we got hacked about a month ago, so I didn’t want to put in any new credit card info over an open wireless network at a hotel, so the blog remained down.

Then I started getting emails from Text Link Ads, who pays me for that Science Foundation link over on the right, wanting to know where their ads were.


Finally, I got it paid and my blog restored. Yesterday, I got my theme back, and luckily, I had all the artwork saved. One bummer is that I had made a million little changes to this theme, but I did it right in the wordpress editor, so it wasn’t saved anywhere.

Be careful, blogging friends. And download a backup of your wordpress database once a month!

As a side note, I searched for “disaster” images on google to find that chick above. All the other pictures were of horrible ACTUAL disasters, which made me feel a little guilty for bitching about this. A little. But everyone’s problems are real to them, right? Even when they’re silly?