so much goodness!

I’ve been on a roaming kick lately. Roaming the web. I can’t help myself! There is so much crafty/foodie blog goodness out there! A couple new favorite blogs:
Lovely pictures, recipes, sewing and knitting ideas and patterns – for sale and for free :)
A fun mix of everything – well written, witty husband and wife duo.
All fabric, all the time.

There’s not enough time in the day! I’m considering implementing a stashbuster mentality around here…anyone else doing this?

And finally, get a load of this bit of out-of-this-world loveliness… Where can I get some of these munki munki prints?! I officially want the martians and the yoga girls. Anyone know?

Thanks for linking to my quilt!
If you’re still looking to buy those prints, you can get them on etsy from sewdeerlyloved –

Thanks! And I’m happy to link to your gorgeous quilts :)

Awwwww….. thanks!


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