vertical blinds

I’m really not crazy about vertical blinds. It seems like every house and apartment I’ve lived in has had either vertical blinds or the regular skinny little horizontal plastic blinds. I hate all of these. I want curtains. I want plantation shutters. I want a home of my own that I can decorate. There are […]

Fear of fire

I now have a serious fear of fire. Add that to the list that previously only included escalators and being caught without my glasses, and I’m turning into a scaredy cat. These wildfires really did a number on me. We were so lucky – only one fire even came close to us, and they put […]

I am the cure

Last Sunday, I walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. My friends and family donated money, and together, we raised $166 for the Komen foundation! I had grand ideas of running the 5k – which I feel is well within my capabilities, but I’ve been battling some kind of crazy flu/sinus disaster, […]

We have to be vigilant. Even if distrust of our politicians is pervasive, we’re not powerless. It’s easier than ever to write your Representatives and your Senators. Don’t wait. How sad that anyone would allow a blank check for something as unproven as nuclear energy, when SCHIP fails again. Don’t let it happen. Take Action: […]

The nicest compliment

There is one blog that I love above all others. It’s called Breakdown in the Fastlane, and it’s hysterical, sad, thought-provoking, moving, and everything else that good writing can be. I read lots and lots of blogs, and there are many that I return to (like Deborah’s and Allison’s), but I read Lin’s the most […]