Fear of fire

I now have a serious fear of fire. Add that to the list that previously only included escalators and being caught without my glasses, and I’m turning into a scaredy cat. These wildfires really did a number on me. We were so lucky – only one fire even came close to us, and they put it out in an hour.

I’m not sure if this is insensitive to make this comparison, but as I’ve been watching the news the last two weeks – which have been nothing but fire coverage, I’ve felt the same way I did after 9/11 and Katrina. That feeling of helplessness and sadness. I’m so sad for the people that lost their homes. I’m so concerned about the firefighters that have been (essentially) working non-stop.

The only thing I’m grateful for is that there is no arbitrary country to blame and go to war with. But it is crazy that many of the fires were started by arsonists. What kind of depraved person does that?

Anyway, I’d like to just escape. Stay in a beautiful place, like in one of those Pigeon Forge cabins. That would be nice. But maybe not exactly fire-proof :) Good thing our vacation is next week!

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  1. Regarding being caught without your glasses, I found out I lied. “His” contact lenses prescriptions are +9 and +10. Yikes! (I guess I heard wrong, however, I can’t quite believe I “made up” a prescription of +8 given I didn’t even know what a contact lens prescription was before two weeks ago. Granted, I did wear contact lenses a few times in my life, so perhaps my subconscious was pulling up some lost knowledge?)

    Take some fun pictures on your vacation!

  2. If he’s nearsighted, then I think you mean -9 and -10, which would officially make him the first person I’ve met (well, not yet, but someday) with worse eyesight than me, but not deemed legally blind (besides my dad). I am -8 in both eyes. My glasses prescription is -775 in both eyes, whatever that means.

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