I was supposed to find us renter’s insurance last week. I’ve been procrastinating. Half of those California wild fires happen in our backyard (not literally, of course), and it’s dumb that we don’t have coverage. Plus, our pipes make crazy noise, and if this place floods and my computer gets ruined, I’m going to be […]


So we’re officially going to Pinehurst. I made the tee times and spa reservations yesterday, and I have to admit I’m pretty excited. I could give a fig about golf – no matter how prestigious the course – but I’m getting a mud wrap! The reservation lady asked me if I had a gender preference […]

Green Gossip

If this isn’t the best of both worlds…gossip about celebrities and their green efforts/abuses. Awesome reading. Better than US Weekly! Check it out: When you’re done reading all the latest, scroll to the bottom and check out their “Gossip Sites We Love.”

Fall Schmall

I love Fall. It’s getting cooler, my football team made an appearance on ESPN2 last weekend, and the deli always has fresh pumpkin pies. But sadly, when I start seeing bags of Halloween candy and pumpkins, my “it’s almost Christmas” panic starts to set in. As you may recall, I went on quite the spending […]


My friend Damien is creating these awesome webisodes at They’re funny little news reels about environmental issues. He’s taking a whole new approach to living green – leaning away from the doom and gloom “we’ll all be underwater soon,” and toward witty observations of things happening in the world. It’s worth checking out, and […]

Inn Love

I really want to go and stay at Tori and Dean’s Chateau La Rue. I know there are ton’s of California bed and breakfast options, but I’d love to have that experience. I appreciate them trying to have a normal life, working hard, building a business, etc. But I wonder how many people are going […]


Thanks to my friend Allison, I’m now a proud PayU2Blog blogger. I’ve been doing PayPerPost for a while, but there’s a HUGE difference between the two. With PayPerPost, I have limited opportunities – right now my choices are promoting stomach-stapling, promoting tutoring services or promoting a coupon site. Well, these are all fine, but I […]