Free Icons

My new favorite website…IconBuffet. I was googling “free icons” one day, and stubled onto Icon Buffet – the coolest icon swapping/social networking site. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I just really love this site. The best part is that I’ve gotten the coolest icons for free. My current favorite is the sushinobi series. Here […]

Memorial Day

Just for info…because LOTS of people don’t know…here’s what Memorial Day is all about: it’s a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. Two years ago, I was in DC for a conference for work. I was seven months pregnant, and I decided to hike a few miles through Arlington […]

The cost of college

My sister’s husband is going to go to school full-time in the fall. This is long overdue, and I’m excited for him. He just got his FAFSA info back, and he qualified for Pell Grants, which will cover about 75% of his costs. They’re hoping to qualify for some scholarships also, becuase he wants to […]

SAHM no more?

Update: The interview went well. I liked the people, and I felt excited at the prospect of the job. Then I came home, and my son gave me the biggest hug, and he wouldn’t let go, and he rested his sweet little baby head on my shoulder, and I thought about how this isn’t going […]

Ft. Irwin

This weekend, we visited my brother in law at his new duty station, Ft. Irwin. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it’s an awful place. The term “God-forsaken” is about as apt as you can get. We encountered many a strange insect and animal in his backyard, it was ridiculously hot, and very very isolated. […]

Smart Entrepreneurs…

Well, the smart entrepreneurs/funny liberals at are getting a jump on election gear. From Barack Obama t-shirts and stickers to “I heart elections” – this funny site is worth taking a look at. From their About blurb: “ is dedicated to bringing you fair and balanced Anti Bush facts, some truth and some pure […]