Free Icons

My new favorite website…IconBuffet. I was googling “free icons” one day, and stubled onto Icon Buffet – the coolest icon swapping/social networking site. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I just really love this site. The best part is that I’ve gotten the coolest icons for free. My current favorite is the sushinobi series. Here are a few of my FREE icons!


How cool are those?! Plus, when you download your set, you get a million versions, so you basically don’t have to edit them. They can be used as favicons, bullets, background tiles (which is usually tacky, so you shouldn’t do that)…whatever you can dream up.

So anyway, you have to ask people to be your friend, they can send you free deliveries of icons, and when you accept them, you get stamps. Then you use your stamps to send deliveries to other people. And so the kindness goes…

Check it out…I promise you’ll like it.

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