Call your Senators!

Because this was somewhat buried at the end of my last too-long, ranty post…here’s something you can do to hold the credit card companies’ collective feet to the fire. There‚Äôs something everyone can do to stop credit card companies from issuing unfair rate hikes, fees and loopholes to consumers who pay their bills. Call the […]

Injustice abounds

I’ve always had a thing about rule-breakers and general unfairness. I hate line-cutters. I hate when people don’t offer to move over in a crowded theater. I HATE when you do the right thing, but someone else doesn’t and you suffer for it. Let me share some recent consumer disasters I’ve encountered. We have a […]

Happy Belated Earth Day

My new favorite blogger, Kirsten, posted a nice Earth Day “here’s what I’m doing to help the Earth” post with some goals for next year, and I really liked it. so here’s mine. First, a roll-up of 2008’s efforts: We’ve cut out all napkins and most paper towels. We actually gave up paper towels too, […]


Is anyone else watching this show? I HOPE so! I love it – so quirky and funny. The cast is excellent. Great internal conflict for each character. Plus, when you’re a Jet you stay a Jet, so I have to cheer for Riff’s daughter :) And I LOVED Joan of Arcadia. Here’s the low down:


I get little email newsletters from Spoonsisters, a super cute online shop full of fun gift items. This week, I got one with a Mother’s Day theme – and there are a ton of cute gift ideas. But one thing I noticed is how many of them I could easily sew myself. Here are a […]