Is anyone else watching this show? I HOPE so! I love it – so quirky and funny. The cast is excellent. Great internal conflict for each character. Plus, when you’re a Jet you stay a Jet, so I have to cheer for Riff’s daughter :) And I LOVED Joan of Arcadia. Here’s the low down:

more 90210 news

Adding to my original post about the CW’s new fall show, 90210, I’m super excited to see that Shannen Doherty is joining the cast. It seems like it will be an ongoing guest appearance. And there is talk of Jennie Garth showing up also. I read about it here. I can’t decide what I think […]

new 90210

Um, am I that old? That the show I watched growing up is now being remade? Well, whatever. You know I’m going to watch this trashy show. It looks like the OC meets that crazy Palm Springs show. Love it! Cast looks cool – except for the teacher character played by Ryan Eggold. I really […]

my tv addiction

My name is Blabby and I’m addicted to television. I’m also addicted to fabric shopping, yarn shopping, food shopping (but not cooking) and book shopping, but those are matters for another post. My topic today is TV addiction. Cable companies make it so easy these days to feed addictions. Take Cox television. From Cox, you […]

dancing with the stars

Did anyone else see the lineup for the new Dancing With the Stars season? I’m not a huge fan of that show, but this season looks pretty good…Christy Yamaguchi, Monica Seles, Marly Matland…I don’t know how to spell these peoples’ names, but I want to see them dance! Penn from Penn and Teller? He’s a […]