follow up to “the talk”

So I sent that Obama email to some family and friends. I didn’t bother sending it to people that I already know to be Obama supporters. I also didn’t send it to the people who I know to be McCain supporters. I only sent it to people whose stance I didn’t know or if I knew they were still undecided. So I got a few responses…kind of unexpected ones. But interesting.

I posted the emails and my responses after the jump, but what it made me think of was a comment by Amy Poehler on a recent Weekend Update. It was the one after the VP debate. She said something like, “so, the winner of the VP debate was…whoever you already liked.” That’s exactly right, isn’t it? Who are all these undecided people they’re always talking about on the news, anyway?

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Tristan’s Top 10

On one of my yahoo! groups, we’ve been discussing politics quite a bit, even though its really a quilting group. There are some very smart, vocal people on there. This was recently posted by Tristan – fellow quilter and Democrat. He can be found at Anyway, here’s the top ten reasons he’s voting for Obama/Biden – I think he summed it up pretty well (more after the jump):

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so much to say!

Lacey Schwimmer on Dancing with the Stars? That’s almost not fair – she’s almost as famous as Lance Bass! That really seems like an unfair advantage. I can’t wait to see Cloris Leachman, either.

How about Sarah Palin? If she wasn’t pro-life, I’d love her. If she wasn’t on McCain’s ticket, I might vote for her. But it’s really not about her, is it? Although, remember that show with Geena Davis, where the Pres died and she takes office. She was only his VP to get the womens’ vote? That could happen – McCain is pretty old. BUT, he’s not going to win anyway *fingers crossed*, so it won’t matter. I think her 17-year old daughter being pregnant is a fun little twist for the conservatives to grapple with :)

Just finishing up Susan Wiggs’ Firebrand. Really awesome book. I highly recommend it.

I loved Barack’s speech. Can’t wait for him to be President!!! It’s time to start reading up on all the crazy propositions showing up on my Nov. ballot…inform yourself!

more grey areas

I’d like to see this entire interview, and I’ll be looking for future ones. Listen to Rev. Wright…does he sound like some kind of maniac? I think he sounds perfectly reasonable – a veteran, an educated man who has spent his life in service to the Lord.

I’m going to have to look into the whole thing a little more, because the right is sure making a huge stink about it, no matter what Obama says.

I’ve certainly been in some crazy-ass Southern Baptist churches that have been absolutely insulting to women, well beyond what is supported by scripture. One Southern Baptist preacher actually said women in the military do different push ups then the men. This is not true, by the way. I was personally outraged.

Basically, there are wierdos everywhere. And pastors can’t be an exception – they’re just people – just like every other crazy out there.

Is it meaningful that Obama has been sitting in this guy’s church for 20 years? Maybe. But Barack is a thinking man, not a mindless sheep. Didn’t Billy Graham serve as spiritual leader for several presidents even though he was a serious anti-semitic for a long time (until he repented, of course)?

Listen for yourselves.