Tristan’s Top 10

On one of my yahoo! groups, we’ve been discussing politics quite a bit, even though its really a quilting group. There are some very smart, vocal people on there. This was recently posted by Tristan – fellow quilter and Democrat. He can be found at Anyway, here’s the top ten reasons he’s voting for Obama/Biden – I think he summed it up pretty well (more after the jump):

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Presidential Debates on MSNBC

politics from istockphoto.comFirst of all, if you haven’t seen the debates, I hope you’ll go to MSNBC and watch them. They’re broken up into short segments, so they’re easy to view. (Although I wish you could rewind.)

I also want to preface this by saying that although I liked Brian Williams and Chris Matthews, I felt that there was obviously more time and questions given to some candidates, and some candidates were clearly ignored. For example, I would have loved to hear more from Fmr. Sen. Mike Gravel on the Democratic Debate.

I would like to say that I’m on the fence, and giving both sides – dem and rep – equal time. But I’m not. I watched the whole Dem. debate, and although I was sick of Iraq and terrorism by the end of it, I was interested in what each one had to say, possibly with the exception of Gov. Bill Richardson. More on that later.

As I started the Republican Debate, I was instanly annoyed with their answers. Then as I moved onto the segment concerning abortion, and they all said, (paraphrasing, of course) “down with Roe v. Wade” – with the exception of a wishy-washy stance from Giuliani, I couldn’t watch anymore. There’s no way I’d vote for any of them.

I will go back and watch because I want to know what they stand for. I will go back and watch because I’m sure they will make good points, have valid ideas, and offer solutions that Democrats will not. But not today.

Here’s my snapshot take on each of the Democratic candidates (links go to their official election sites)…after the jump.

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