My quilt picture showed up on Explore on Flickr. This is very exciting for me. I told my husband and he was like, “great honey, what’s that?” I told my friend Stephanie and she was like, “what!? that’s awesome!” Stephanie always knows just what to say. We’re headed to visit my father-in-law tomorrow. Should be […]


I found a cool new site…mamasource.com. It combines the social networking of Maya’s Mom with the usefulness of Angie’s List. Free to join, and then you can read reviews of everything under the sun in your area (according to your zip code.) You can also list your business, so it’s a good networking opp for […]

The evil King…of burgers

From Oxfam:   January 28, 2008 Dear Blabby, Tell Burger King to improve farmworker wages. Farmworkers who pick tomatoes for Burger King earn 40 to 50 cents for every 32-pound bucket of tomatoes they pick, a rate that has not risen significantly in nearly 30 years. Workers who labor from dawn to dusk must pick […]