Keeping up with a household budget is no joke. I think online bill pay and auto debit things are so helpful, but if you don’t keep your eye on the ball all the time, it’s too easy to make a mistake. So far so good for us, but it’s like there are too many variables […]

my enduring struggle

When I was 20, I could lose weight like nothing. I could run or dance or bike for a few weeks and see a difference. Now, I could run for 6 months and not see much of a difference. I’ve considered things like hydroxycut or hoodia, but since we’re not done having babies, I don’t […]

Camp Rock

Well, I just finished watching the “world premiere” of Camp Rock on the Disney Channel. Pretty good – not High School Musical (one, not two), but good. My favorite part about these movies are the following: New interest in singing and dancing. Who ever thought that musicals would be cool again? I’ve been waiting for […]

baby treasure

My mother-in-law is moving to the states from Paris this summer. I’m super excited for her new U.S. adventure to start, but I’m really sad that William won’t be getting any cute Paris clothes from her anymore. Luckily, he’s still got a few things to grow into, including the best little preppy coat – a […]


When we rented our house, it had brand new carpet. So new, that it took weeks of vaccumming to get all the “new, inexpensive” carpet fiber off the floor and out of the Dyson. By the time the fibers were gone, we’d covered the carpet in stains. Five cats and a 2 year old will […]

bring on the cards!

I’m so excited for our Vegas trip! No word yet on if my husband’s boss’ family is going to go with us. I still have high hopes, because of his high-roller status. I want to be part of the entourage. Plus, since I’ve never been, it would be cool to go with someone that knows […]