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sewmuchcomfort.orgThere are a ton of reputable, worthwhile organizations out there helping wounded service men and women and their families, but I’m especially excited about this one. Sew Much Comfort reconfigures regular clothes for the wounded. Creating side openings with velcro on shirts or boxers, widening pant legs to accomodate casts, etc. This is something I have the skill to do! So I signed up for a seamstress packet. They’ll send me a project, and I send it back for a (probably much needed) quality check. Hopefully, I’ll do a good job and be able to help on a regular basis.

I’m posting this here because I know there are quite a few sewers that frequent my little blog. But if you don’t sew, they also accept all kinds of contributions – everything from money to clothes to fabric.

However you decide to help, just help. The media and the Bush administration may go on and on about decreases in numbers of casualties, but the numbers of wounded have never been properly accounted for or reported. Conservative estimates are around the 30,000 mark.

If guys like Marine Corps Master Seargeant William Gibson will GO BACK after losing a leg, I think I can alter a few t-shirts and boxers for the ones who aren’t back in cammies just yet.

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  1. Betsy Robbins says:

    Please send me a physical address we can send donations to. The one on the website is so small and fuzzy that it cannot be read. I want to include in correspodence to my Depts and Units of Purple Heart. Thanks Betsy

  2. Betsy, Here is the address listed on the Sew Much Comfort website:

    Michele Cuppy
    Sew Much Comfort
    13805 Frontier Lane
    Burnsville, MN 55337

    You can also make donations directly on their site,

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