Pearl Harbor


This year, we went to Wings Over Houston – advertised as one of the top five air shows in the country. Sadly, my 4 year old really only wanted to go in the bouncy house, but I loved it. The best part was a reenactment of the attack on Pearl Harbor called Tora Tora Tora. If you ever get a chance to see this, it’s worth the ticket price. It is extremely moving. I can not imagine the terror of that day. But I’m grateful to the men who had the wherewithal to shoot back.

Here’s a link to the 15 Medal of Honor recipients and their citations from that day. Only 5 survived the attack. And anyone who’s served knows that for every guy (or girl) that got an award, there are probably 100 more doing countless other acts of courage that went unseen.

I’m forever grateful to past, current and future service members. I appreciate your sacrifices. I honor your courage.

let’s have a party!

Quick! I need cookie ideas for my son’s class THIS Friday. He’s not a big cupcake fan, and I don’t want to burden the preschool teachers with anything crazy like a full cake that needs cutting, plates, silverware, etc. I’d like to make some cool frosted cookies…

One other problem – he’s not that crazy about sugar cookies either. So I’m thinking snickerdoodles or chocolate chip…but what are your thoughts on decorating those?

I did find these super cute yo gabba gabba cookies…they look kind of do-able.

I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t be as awesome as hers…but I could do something close.

Buy Handmade for the Holidays #2

Cute overload. This isn’t exactly gift items, but it bears reposting…for the picky kids in your life :

Now, down to the holiday madness. Today’s theme is upper crust. Handmade isn’t your grandma’s crocheted toilet paper cover anymore.

Are you as crazy for mid-century goodness as I am? Check outthe classy tree skirts at My personal fav:

How about a super cool iRetrophone for the techy boy in your life that already has a zillion gadgets? Check it:

Does your sister need a swank sleeve for her ipad or macbook? I especially love her leather label.

Over at, there are loads of cute things, but I especially love these napkins. What holiday party doesn’t need those?