let’s have a party!

Quick! I need cookie ideas for my son’s class THIS Friday. He’s not a big cupcake fan, and I don’t want to burden the preschool teachers with anything crazy like a full cake that needs cutting, plates, silverware, etc. I’d like to make some cool frosted cookies…

One other problem – he’s not that crazy about sugar cookies either. So I’m thinking snickerdoodles or chocolate chip…but what are your thoughts on decorating those?

I did find these super cute yo gabba gabba cookies…they look kind of do-able.

I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t be as awesome as hers…but I could do something close.

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  1. Decorated cookies are fun and interesting to look at, but most other types of cookies don’t decorate well, especially with frosting. Also, frosting a snickerdoodle or chocolate chip cookie will change the flavor, and probably not for the better. In preschool the kids will be just as excited to receive “plain” chocolate chip cookies as they would if you made detailed, frosted cookies. Why not just ask your son what kind of cookies he’d like you to make? At their age, it’s all about the eating, not the looking. Bonus: It’s a lot easier, too.

  2. Have to agree with Sandi, Abi. Those cute cookies would be a LOT of work for a few seconds’ effect — kids that age are ALL about the eating. Just make William’s favorite cookie, and lots of it, and stand back!

  3. Well, I think I’ll listen to two very smart ladies!

  4. my niece ava, will be having a yo gabba gabba themed party as well. the cookies look so cute! im getting some made, and just wondering what size are the cookies?

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