Book #1

I received this book through First Look, my source of free galley copies. I loved it so much that I started reading all of Parker’s books. He uses simple language, simple characters with depth, and stories that don’t have a lot of Soap Opera twists and backwards turns. The main gist is a cop’s family […]

back in the saddle

We went to Maryland for a few days to visit my husband’s grandfather. He’s moving into a full-time-care facility, and we were helping my husband’s aunt clean out his cottage. Very depressing. But my grandfather lives in a trailer in Florida and refuses to leave. He’s two years older than my husband’s grandpa. At least […]

The House Inaction

Here’s a letter I got from my representative:   Dear Mrs. <name removed> : Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on the Safe Climate Act of 2006 . Representing the interests of the 49 th Congressional District is made much easier by people like you, who take the time and effort to […]


Today I purchased 16 domain names and got one free. I also chose a webhost that so far, I’m happy with. Although I haven’t really done anything yet. But they have a live chat support person who has been very patient with my annoying (and retarted) questions. So, today I spent approximately $206 on my […]

confession time

I am a whopping 180 lbs. I have gone up TEN sizes since I got married – six before my pregnancy, and four more after I had my son. At first I didn’t want to buy any new clothes, convinced I would quickly lose the weight, so I continued wearing maternity clothes. Then my friend […]

eBusiness Adventure

So I’m embarking on an ebusiness adventure in the next few months. I’m very intimidated by the technology of dynamic websites, but I’m forging ahead, planning on developing the site myself. This involves learning at least 2 programming languages, and enough of a third to keep myself out of trouble. I’m not a programmer, so […]

14 days!

Today makes 14 days straight that I’ve gone to the gym!!! Woo hoo…I have to say, I’m extremely proud of myself. Not that I’m training for a marathon or anything, but 30 or more minutes on the treadmill and at least 200 crunches everyday is bound to make a difference eventually, right? So here’s something […]