eBusiness Adventure

So I’m embarking on an ebusiness adventure in the next few months. I’m very intimidated by the technology of dynamic websites, but I’m forging ahead, planning on developing the site myself. This involves learning at least 2 programming languages, and enough of a third to keep myself out of trouble. I’m not a programmer, so it should be interesting.

The cool thing is that most people are not programmers, so programs like Dreamweaver 8 let the dummies like me jump in head first and create awesome stuff with almost no knowledge. This would be annoying to me if I was a programmer. Again, I’m not, so it makes me happy!

So here’s the plan.

  • I have to map out my database.
  • I have to purchase my domain name. (Should I borrow money for this, or use my money? Should I get a separate business credit card?)
  • I have to choose a hosting plan with enough memory and bandwidth for my kick-ass site, and that supports the database format and language I choose to use.
  • I have to learn how to code enough of the language to get by, and I have to learn how to use all the capabilites in Dreamweaver to make up for what I don’t know.
  • Meanwhile, I need to write a business plan.
  • I need to create a logo and some other custom artwork and start designing the site, which includes setting up my style sheets, choosing colors, fonts, images, etc.
  • I need to learn how to send HTML emails.
  • I need to write the first newsletter that will be offered on my site.
  • I have to research affiliate opportunities.
  • I have to figure out how to make PayPal work as my shopping cart/checkout feature.
  • I have to decide on a fee structure for my ebusiness offerings (I guess this is part of my business plan.)
  • I have to research publicity opportunites, viral marketing opportunities, and government and professional organizations that might help me.

I’m afraid to keep writing this list because I’m feeling overwhelmed. And this is just the eBusiness, I also want to start a consulting business at the same time. They go hand in hand, so I want them both up and running pretty close together. Here’s a to do list for the consulting business:

  • Purchase domain name.
  • Find out if I can host this site on the same hosting plan as my other site.
  • Separate accounts? Or one corporation with two business entities under the umbrella? Research business entity types.
  • Write business plan. Decide on financing.
  • Create logo, custom art, brochure (print and PDF version).
  • Design site.
  • I have to research publicity opportunites, viral marketing opportunities, and government and professional organizations that might help me. Look into mailing list opportunities. (Chambers, SBA, etc.)
  • Design mailer of some sort – send to prospective clients.
  • Research printers…mailer, business cards, brochures. As about discounts for referrals through consulting co.
  • Look into trademark info – trademark both names.

I better get off this blog and get started!

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  1. Knowing what needs to be done is half the battle. So I think you’re in pretty good shape right now. I look forward to hearing more about your progress.

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