The Night Gym

My son kept getting sick from the day care at the gym. One ear infection was so bad, he had to be on two rounds of antibiotics. He had never been sick before, then we were going to the gym everyday, and he was never well. So I can’t say for sure that that’s what […]

Fisher Price recall…

These kinds of things piss me off. My husband sent me a text message saying, “did you hear anything about a Mattel recall for lead paint on stuff made in China?” Well, that’s pretty vague, so I look it up (safety site), and turns out there’s a HUGE recall on a bunch of Fisher Price […]

My Hollywood Experience

Yesterday I drove to Hollywood for two tapings of So You Think You Can Dance. My Tom Tom didn’t work properly, so I got a little lost and was late, but they still let me in. The first taping at 9 a.m. was for the ensemble performance that always starts the results show. The dancers […]