Whew, what a week!

kat deeleyHooray – it’s Friday! I can’t tell you people (person :)) just how excited I am. First of all, I finally finished all my work for the week. Of course, I got two new projects today, but I don’t have the start them today. Well, I’m not going to start them today. Next, tomorrow is my sewing group. That’s exciting – we’re putting together our apron quilt, I think it’s going to look phenomenal. Finally, I don’t have any work (except those two new projects – but they’re small) next week because we’re going to VEGAS! Woo hoo!!!

Now for a TV update:

What’s up with the IV Real shirts on SYTYCD? I scoured the web today and the best I could come up with is a site called 4real.com…looks like celebrities and real people working for change all over the world. But here’s my question – and cut me some slack because I’m not cool, and I’m a marketeer by trade – if you’re promoting something, why not just promote it? Let’s not make it cryptic – the shirts should just say 4real.com, right? Then people would rush to the site and sign up and start changing the world because Will, Twitch and Comfort think it’s cool, 4 real.

Next, Burn Notice started yesterday. My husband and I are about to eat nestle toll house cookies and watch it. I can’t wait. Also looking forward to Flashpoint, which starts tonight I think. Then Monday is The Closer and Saving Grace!!! Woo hoo! Awesome start to my vacation.

Book update:

I read Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline and I LOVED it. How is it that I’ve never read her books before. I was missing out! Also finished Blue Skies and Runaway Mistress by Robyn Carr – loved them both. She’s excellent. Both of those ladies write the best characters – they never have the characters saying dumb stuff or stuff that doesn’t fit. You’re never wrenched out of the story by bad writing.  I sent Robyn an email, and she sent the nicest reply. She’s definitely a new fav.

I’m almost done with The Appeal by John Grisham. It’s pretty good. His writing now doesn’t even seem like the same guy that wrote The Firm, Pelican Brief and Time to Kill. But I still read them as they come out. They’re mind candy. This one seems particularly disturbing because it’s kind of inside the world of PACs and fixed judicial elections – things that already scare me.

That’s it – more tomorrow. Time for Burn Notice and cookies!

SYTYCD Little Foxes…

I’m sorry to go on and on about this show, but it’s ending! I’m very sad about that. I know the East coast is already watching the finale, but I wanted to comment really quickly on Wednesday’s show.

Here’s what I loved:

Danny’s solo: I wish everyone could see HOW SMALL that stage is to really appreciate those jetes he did all around the edge. Beautiful! And then the million perfectly executed turns? Come on. His solo blew everyone else’s out of the water. And I loved the confident song choice. Awesome.

Little Foxes: For the first time, I really disagreed with Nigel. Normally we’re right here *picture me pointing from my eyes to his eyes* – but last night, I couldn’t disagree with him more. I thought the Little Foxes dance was beautiful. It made me cry. I would be curious to know if any of the judges are parents because if they didn’t see the fox part, they couldn’t miss the mommy and baby. I especially loved when Lacey gave Sabra the food/silk. I also loved the Asian music and their ninja-like moves. I thought it was wonderful.

Venetian Waltz: Lacey has never been my favorite, but they looked so beautiful dancing that waltz. That crazy turn she did with her head sideways was awesome. And Danny made every lift look so easy.

I thought that Hip Hop with Sabra and Neil was so corny. I felt bad for Shane Sparks because he kind of got dogged out, but Neil’s faces were so comical (and very un-street) throughout the whole routine. I thought Sabra was pretty good at everything. I thought Danny just shone brighter than the other three. I voted for him a lot, Sabra a lot, and just a few times for Neil and Lacey. Can’t wait to see what happens!

I thought the Lindy Hop was just okay. I’m sure it was ridiculously hard, but I got bored. I liked the dance with Neil and Danny, but again, I just though Danny out-danced him. I’m sure it was the choreography, but Danny had a lot more technical stuff that Neil can also do. It seemed like only Danny did the tough turns, while Neil did a lot of acting.

Oh yeah, I love Cat, I think she’s gorgeous, but she’s got some crazy chicken legs.

Reality (TV) Check


Last week was so sad for me! I really didn’t want Sara or Dominic to go, but I can see why they did. Still – for both breakers to leave on the same night didn’t seem fair. Also, I’m not sure what was going on with Danny’s solo – I think he fell after that backflip, and tried to cover it, but didn’t quite make it. I cried my eyes out during the Mia Michaels routine, as I’m sure all daddies’ girls did. I really didn’t like Shane Sparks ensemble routine – it seemed like a corny cheerleading competition routine to me. Not his best. Plus, I think it’s weird that one dancer has any kind of spotlight. I don’t think that’s fair – unless they have to try out for it. Why Lauren got to be The One in the Matrix jacket, I couldn’t tell you. But it made it look like she was the principle dancer.

My biggest SYTYCD news is that I got tickets to the ensemble performance taping on Thursday morning in LA, and then, if I go (which, of course, I will), then I get tickets to Thursday night’s results show. Woo hoo! I hope it’s a good performer that night, plus, I get to see them all do their solos! Hooray! It’s going to be an all day deal though, and apparently it involves a lot of standing, but who cares! I was never going to buy the $50 ticket to see the live show, but now I get to see the dancers anyway! Woo hoo!

I also got confirmed for the waiting list for Ellen for Sept. I’m guaranteed the riff raff room, and possibly, the studio audience. If I don’t make it into the audience, I’m guaranteed tickets later in the season (fingers crossed for the 12 days of Christmas episodes). Sounds good to me! My husband is so sweet – he’s actually taking the day off on Thursday so I can go to SYTYCD. We all know staying home with the baby is waaay more fun, but still, it’s nice of him (and his boss).

Top Chef

I just don’t care about these people. I liked Joey – big baby that he was, but I didn’t really care that he got voted off. I like the tall guy, but I can’t ever remember his name. Anyway, I hope he wins. The show definitely needs more drama this season.

Flipping Out

Anyone watching this one on Bravo? It’s pretty good. It’s like Monk meets Flip This House (with the guy in SC). So far, so good.

Reality (TV) Check


I’m a little behind, but I’m only going to comment on this week. I can’t talk about Hok leaving and not making the tour, it upsets me. Just kidding, although it is sad, I can see that although he was my favorite, he wasn’t as versatile as the other guys.

So this week, first I want to talk about all the anti-war stuff. I can’t believe there are still people that would be upset over that Wade Robson routine. I am 100% pro service members, and 100% against this war. I personally think the two go hand in hand. Saying that someone who is FOR peace doesn’t support Soldiers or Marines or Sailors or Airmen is VERY short-sighted. The two will never be mutually exclusive. Patriotism doesn’t mean blindly following the leadership of this country into whatever debacle they create. In fact, if you look at the roots of this country, it’s clearly the opposite. Questioning authority is what we’re all about! And about Mia’s jacket – I’m kind of against civilians wearing military uniforms. BUT, I’m sure she didn’t realize what she was wearing. I’m especially against civilians wearing military insignia – like rank (which is what she had upside down on her sleeves) – because people work hard to earn that – in my mind it’s like people buying Olympic medals on eBay and wearing them around (maybe a little extreme, but you get my point), but I still think she had no idea what she was wearing, and she was obviously sorry. I thought it was unfortunate that she wore that jacket on the same night that all the dancers did a peace dance. Whoops :)

Now, about the dancing – I thought Lauren was phenomenal. I like to think that the fact that I called in and voted 5 times for her, and only voted for Jamie once had something to do with the results :) I also thought it was time for Kameron to go – for the same reason as Hok. They’re really getting down to the best dancers now – Sabra is still my favorite girl, and I guess Dominic is my favorite guy. I hope he can hang in there for a while with those really awesome jumpers.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

How is it already the end of the season? Sheesh – it seems like it just started. I’m sad – I thought these last two episodes with her in England and Ireland were hilarious. My favorite thing about her is the totally ridiculous situations she finds herself in in her quest for A-list status. I’m pretty sure that Nicole Kidman would never find herself wearing that tweed dress with the big bow in the drag queen shop. Or on a date with that weird performance artist guy. What a kook. I can’t wait until next season!

The Singing Bee

Man, I would love to be on this show. I’m not sure if I could get up there and do a silly white-girl dance while I was waiting for my chance to mess up the lyrics, but I would love to try.

1 vs. 100

I watched this for the first time last week. I really like the premise, but really am not crazy about Bob Saget. My husband and I really laughed at all the extra information the people always give when they answer. “Well, since my son doesn’t have an ePod, I’m going to guess C., IPOD!” Thanks, dude. For all the extra commentary. Get on with it, already! That’s why I didn’t watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire either.

With that last bit of judgment, I’m going to end my extra commentary :) Good thing I’m perfect! ha ha ha…

Reality (TV) Check

So You Think You Can Dance

I seem to be out of the loop this week because my sister was in town. Somehow, my Tivo didn’t record the results show, and I missed Jimmy being voted off of SYTYCD. I am suprised at this – I wish I could have seen his solo. I was not surprised at Faina.

And going way back to last Wednesday – is Hok’s partner the most annoying girl on the planet? I guess we get used to the mature teenagers like Jordin Sparks, so when someone sounds their age (i.e., Jaimie), they sound stupid. I think I just love Hok so much that I want his partner to be someone like Sabra or Sara. I like those girls. And doesn’t the fact that Sabra has only been dancing 4 years inspire you? It’s like, man, I could get there in4 years! Not really, but it’s nice to dream. Anyway, I think Jaimie is really good – I just don’t like her interviews. And it’s sort of impressive that she still has such big boobs after dancing for so long.

America’s Got Talent

I basically hate this show, but did you happen to see the karate guys kicking ass to music? Very impressive.

My Life on the D-List

Ugh – sooo sad. I loved Kathy’s dad. I was crying and crying. And how funny was it that she was asking Jackie what lesbians thought were funny. Can’t wait to see how the candyman works out. Watch this show, already!

Top Chef

Not sure what happened here – I think my Tivo didn’t record it or something. Sad. I’ll just have to find one of the million times Bravo reruns things so I can watch last week’s episode.

On the Lot

I deleted this one from my Tivo – sooo boring.

Did I miss any? What are you watching? In other TV news, I’m totally loving Army Wives on Lifetime and The Closer on TNT.

Reality (TV) Check…

I decided to comment weekly on the various reality shows. I’ll keep it kind of short, even though I really have pages worth of opinions on some of them…

So You Think You Can Dancehok

By far, my favorite reality show ever. Although the judges are a little annoying, the dancers really are so talented. And how awesome is it for this country to have a renewed interest in dance – and not just booty-shaking, dirty dancing, but real choreography. (Not to say that dirty booty-shaking isn’t choreographed, but I’m glad to see a little variety on my TV screen.)

So here’s what I think so far. I wasn’t sad at all to see Ricky and Ashley go. They looked pretty crazy doing the Argentine Tango – she did look a lot bigger than him. I don’t understand why she was in such high heels. The emotion on Dominic and Cedric’s faces when they were in the bottom three was a little heartbreaking – I will hate it when one of them eventually gets voted off. So far, my favorite guys are Cedric and Hok – because of their tryouts. We’ll see who stands out during all the different styles. I still think Hok is such an amazing entertainer – I can’t take my eyes off of him, even when they have him being the dog (which I thought was terrible.)

As for the girls – I have to give props to my hometown girl, Jessi. She said she was from Rockledge, FL, and then the announcer said she was from Cocoa Beach. It’s all Brevard County, so I automatically like her for that. Plus, she’s pretty awesome. But I have to say my most favorite is Lacey. I hope they stop playing up her brother, and start focusing on her talent – which she has in spades. I also like that she doesn’t have a perfect dancer’s body. Some dancers look great because they have fabulous long legs even if they’re not the best. Lacey doesn’t have those blessings, but you don’t even notice when she’s dancing – you just see her performance.

Pirate Master

Haven’t even watched it. Seems like a lame Survivor knockoff in time for the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

On the Lot

I’ve been kind of watching this one, but I have been really underwhelmed. I love Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall, but that’s about it. The spokes-model/host is super irritating to me, but I think her awkward hugs/kisses/crashes with the contestants are always funny.

Top Chef

So far so good – I liked the first episode. I already like Tre, Hung and Sandee. I already hate Joey. We’ll see what they cook up.

My Life on the D-List

Kathy Griffin is the best. I HATED her on Suddenly Susan – I thought she was sooo irritating. But I started watching D-List in the first season, and watching her comedy shows on Bravo, and she’s hilarious. Smart, quick, honest…I love her. If you like pop culture stuff, you should check her out. Even if you’ve always thought she was irritating. She really grows on you. But watch out – she has a serious potty mouth. I think it’s part of her charm :)

I think those are the only ones I’m watching…I can’t think of any more right now. Leave a comment if I’m missing a good one!