Vegas, baby!

Well, it’s official. I’m going to Vegas. We got a discount code for the Wynn, so we’re going for four days. It just so happens my good friend Steph is headed there for a super-fishing convention, so we’re going at the same time as her with the hopes of stealing her away from the anglers […]

Time to vacate

So our vacation is looming. On one hand, I’m super excited to see my family, get my husband away from his horribly demanding job, and see UCF play. I’m also kind of excited about my two spa treatments. On the other hand, I’m worried about our cats. I’m also worried because we haven’t really done […]

Fear of fire

I now have a serious fear of fire. Add that to the list that previously only included escalators and being caught without my glasses, and I’m turning into a scaredy cat. These wildfires really did a number on me. We were so lucky – only one fire even came close to us, and they put […]

North Carolina

Something funny is going on. I guess since I’ve been talking about our upcoming vacation to Alabama and North Carolina so much on here, it seems the folks at PayU2Blog think this is a North Carolina blog. By posting this link for Raleigh personal injury attorneys, I have now completed four North Carolina-related sponsored posts. […]


Well, it looks like we’re not going to hit Rio Las Vegas at the end of our vacation because Continental switched our flight and our layover city is now Houston. I’m a little sad, but I got good news to fix this. Turns out my school, UCF, is playing Univ. of Alabama Birmingham the same […]