Vegas, baby!

Well, it’s official. I’m going to Vegas. We got a discount code for the Wynn, so we’re going for four days. It just so happens my good friend Steph is headed there for a super-fishing convention, so we’re going at the same time as her with the hopes of stealing her away from the anglers for a little while. I think we’re going to opt for driving vacations that don’t require travel insurance for a while since the airlines are going mad with greed and nickle and diming passengers to death.

Did I already blog about this? I was just going to tell you how we’re trying to get my husband’s high-roller boss to go to Vegas at the same time so we can take advantage of some of his comps, but he never decides if he’s doing anything until the last minute. Him going is about the only way my husband will get to play golf on the Wynn’s course since it’s so expensive – $350-$400 for greens fees!!! This all feels like deja vu…I better go back and check if I already blogged this.

This is a sure sign that there’s not much excitement in my life at the moment.

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  1. Oh, Vegas, fun! We just got back & my husband has stayed at the Wynn before & say it was nice! We stayed at THEhotel this time…

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