Quilt Show and Baby Shower

Fun time at the Long Beach International Quilt Show today. So much treasure seen, just a little purchased. There were some truly awesome quilts on display, but sadly, I forgot my camera. Well, I didn’t forget so much as I forgot to charge the battery beforehand. Anyway, I did take one blurry picture of my most favorite quilt of the day, Red Owls by Karin Pierce.

Red owls by karin peirce

And here’s an even blurrier picture of the whole quilt.

Red owls by karin peirce

I’m not sure where my love of owls comes from. It may stem from my lifelong need for glasses. Or my total acceptance of my own nerdiness. HOO knows :)

I also finished a sweet little baby quilt for some good friends of ours. They had the most kick-ass baby shower this weekend. There must have been 100 people there – and that was only the wife’s family. They’re having another shower with the husband’s family in a few weeks. I can’t imagine that they need ANYTHING else for that baby. I’m so happy for them that they got so much loot.

So here was my contribution. A little quilty, based on these by Ashley over at Filminthefridge.com.

Daniel's quilt-01

Here’s the back:

Daniel's quilt-03a

I also made a couple “everything” cloths – cloth diapers with cute dino fabric down the middle…

Daniel's quilt-04

And wrapped it all up in cute drawstring bag.

Daniel's quilt-10

I was pretty happy with how it all came out. But I always feel wierd giving my cornball homemade gifts. Doesn’t make the making part any less fun, though.

The new compost bucket!

I’m sure this isn’t huge news, but we finally got a new compost bucket. Here’s our old one – well used and VERY broken. We got it for free at the little composting class at the local library.

retirement day

So I was so excited to get the box from Gaiam with my large 9 qt compost bucket, but was so sad when I opened the box and found packing peanuts. Gross. And bad news.

the new compost bucket

BUT THEN, I read the enclosed info card and learned that the peanuts Gaiam uses are called Renature peanuts, made from a wheat and potato mixture. They’re completely biodegradable and water soluble. Watch this!

Awesome. And here’s my new compost bucket! So super awesome!

a shiny new compost bucket

blog disasters


Two days before we left for our road trip to Montana, I accidentally deleted my blog. That’s right, all 488 posts. Deleted. Years of blabbery and nonsense, gone.

So I inconveniently send my webhost a 911 white flag for support, and of course, it’s July 4th and no one is around. 12 hours later, someone emails me back and says, “Unfortunately, our backups erase after 24 hours. Did you happen to download a backup?”

Sheesh. What do I pay these people for?! But luckily, I had downloaded a backup RIGHT after I deleted the blog. So I had the file and it was no big deal.

But then the guy says, “oh good, now there’s a $30 fee to restore a wordpress database.”

Again, what am I already paying for?!

By then, of course, we were on the road, driving through the lands of no cell service. When we stopped for the night at a hotel, I paid the highway robbery fee for internet service to find out that my credit card on file with my webhost had expired, so they couldn’t charge me the $30. And we got hacked about a month ago, so I didn’t want to put in any new credit card info over an open wireless network at a hotel, so the blog remained down.

Then I started getting emails from Text Link Ads, who pays me for that Science Foundation link over on the right, wanting to know where their ads were.


Finally, I got it paid and my blog restored. Yesterday, I got my theme back, and luckily, I had all the artwork saved. One bummer is that I had made a million little changes to this theme, but I did it right in the wordpress editor, so it wasn’t saved anywhere.

Be careful, blogging friends. And download a backup of your wordpress database once a month!

As a side note, I searched for “disaster” images on google to find that chick above. All the other pictures were of horrible ACTUAL disasters, which made me feel a little guilty for bitching about this. A little. But everyone’s problems are real to them, right? Even when they’re silly?

489 and counting

This post makes number 489.  I’m trying to think of something cool for my 500th post, but I’m not sure what to do. I feel a giveaway is in order – perhaps something with my very fancy new MOXYWARES tag!

drawstring bag-4

That was a fun little drawstring bag I made for my niece’s 11th birthday…the blue linen was in the remnant bin at Joann’s! I got about 1.5 yards for like $6. Awesome. But I digress…maybe a box bag for a giveaway? A boxbag with some fun fat quarters inside?

Give me your thoughts.

In TV news, I’ve been watching all kinds of stuff – good and not so. On the good list: True Blood. Love it. I’m all caught up and can’t wait for the next episode. Also good: Eureka is back on – always good. And a new great show on SyFy – Warehouse 13. Crazy gadgets, funny dialogue, crime-stopping girl/boy duo.

In the not-so-good (but I’m habitually watching anyway) category, we’ve got pretty much all of the ABC Family shows. I actually think Secret Life of the American Teenager is pretty good, but I’d like to fire one or two actors and replace them with better ones. I love the little sister, though.

I think I saw the best “worst scene” ever on Make It or Break It. I think it was on the 2nd episode. If you, like most people over the age of 15, are not watching this show, it’s loosely based on the film Stick It, which I loved. Elite gymnasts working towards the Olympics, catty teen girl relationships, blah blah blah. So anyway, there was a scene where the gymnasts were at a gas station and these punk guys were coming towards them (with brown bag bottles in their hands) making rude comments. The lead girl says “follow me” and they start cartwheeling and roundoffing towards the bad guys. The guys stumble backwards, saying some crazy stuff like, “whoa, that was some superhero stuff or somethin’!” So silly. I feel everyone must watch this scene.

I watched the first episode of 10 Things I Hate About You – another show based on a movie – and thought it was pretty good. The lead girl is great.

I’ve been reading some good books also. I just finished Sarah Dessen’s latest, Along For the Ride. Cute YA book. I also finished a Nora Roberts series about witches…Charmed, Entranced, Captivated…I can’t remember the last one. Pretty good. I’m not a full fledged Nora follower yet, but her books are quick, enjoyable reads.

We also just came back from a big road trip to Montana, but it’s too late to tell that story tonight :)