Quilt Show and Baby Shower

Fun time at the Long Beach International Quilt Show today. So much treasure seen, just a little purchased. There were some truly awesome quilts on display, but sadly, I forgot my camera. Well, I didn’t forget so much as I forgot to charge the battery beforehand. Anyway, I did take one blurry picture of my most favorite quilt of the day, Red Owls by Karin Pierce.

Red owls by karin peirce

And here’s an even blurrier picture of the whole quilt.

Red owls by karin peirce

I’m not sure where my love of owls comes from. It may stem from my lifelong need for glasses. Or my total acceptance of my own nerdiness. HOO knows :)

I also finished a sweet little baby quilt for some good friends of ours. They had the most kick-ass baby shower this weekend. There must have been 100 people there – and that was only the wife’s family. They’re having another shower with the husband’s family in a few weeks. I can’t imagine that they need ANYTHING else for that baby. I’m so happy for them that they got so much loot.

So here was my contribution. A little quilty, based on these by Ashley over at Filminthefridge.com.

Daniel's quilt-01

Here’s the back:

Daniel's quilt-03a

I also made a couple “everything” cloths – cloth diapers with cute dino fabric down the middle…

Daniel's quilt-04

And wrapped it all up in cute drawstring bag.

Daniel's quilt-10

I was pretty happy with how it all came out. But I always feel wierd giving my cornball homemade gifts. Doesn’t make the making part any less fun, though.

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  2. What great ideas and beautiful hand quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is AWESOME!

  4. Hi there! Could I commission you to make a quilt like the one you made for your friend’s baby? I really like the style and think it’d be an awesome thing for my new nephew to hang out on, have tummy time on & something he could keep forever. ‘Cept for his quilt would have to have monkey’s on it. Cuz he’s a monkey! :)

    Thanks for your time.


  5. Ah, Alix. You are very kind. But I’m afraid that you’d never get a quilt you commissioned me to make. If only there was more time in the day!

    I can, however, refer you to some excellent quilt makers on etsy, who crank those babies out like crazy. I’d start with Alissa, you can find her on her blog or Etsy shop.

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