So for the second day in a row, my husband’s car (the awesome Electric Lime Saturn that I purchased and he is now forced to drive) has been broken. So he’s been taking the Passat, leaving William and I stranded and the new casa. He’s all, “I’ll try to come home early so we can get it fixed.” Last night he got home around 7:30 pm.

The think that stinks about this situation is that we love to drive. Well, William loves to ride in the car, and I use it for at least 30 min to 1 hour of distraction per day. This is how I rationalize my daily venti soy chai with no foam, no water and an add shot (“that will be $4 million dollars please.”) So for the past two days, I’ve been forced to use the coffee pot that takes up quite a large footprint on my valuable kitchen counter space. Home coffee never tastes the same. It’s a little like home burgers that Eddie Murphy spoke of so eloquently on Raw. Even though I’m adding Vanilla Chai Spice creamer to it. And Splenda. It’s just not the same. Although it is remarkably cheaper.

And – to top it off, we were forced to enter the glorious So Cal sunshine today and go for a walk. Not having a car really takes away all my excuses. Well, not all of them. I could be unpacking right now.

Uh oh, I hear William making car noises…time to sing the “who’s awake” song.

So here we are…

Aahhh, I was just about to embark on this new adventure, and the baby woke up. Be back soon…

I’m just learning to code. I’m also just beginning to have a little time to myself at the computer. And now I’m finding that the batteries are dying in my wireless keyboard. Soon, I hope to have a site of my own; dedicated to Moxy Media. For now, I’ll just while away the hours on this here blog.

So today I was reading up on the Rosie vs. Donald war. I have to say, I’m on Rosie’s side. Yes, she attacked him. Yes, she’s mouthy and opinionated. She mocked the combover. Don’t we all? I like Donald as well. Well, I like the Apprentice. But I think him calling her ugly was a little like the pot and the kettle. I think it’s ridiculous for him to sue her just to sue her – “for fun” as he put it. She’s on a show called “The View” – presumably to give hers. And he just didn’t like her view. Big deal. Lots of people want her to shut up. Not me. I like her. I loved her on Nip Tuck. I was a huge fan of her talk show. League of Our Own is one of my all time favorite movies. I bought her magazine. Some people say that she makes everything about being gay. I don’t think that at all.

Anyway, something really exciting just happened. I was on You Tube, looking for reference material to back up my Rosie v. Donald blabbery, and I found some girl named Esme Denters singing her ass off. Then I noticed that all kinds of random people post themselves singing. That’s right, I’m a little behind the times. So then I decide to type in the name of this guy who used to make tapes in his room and sing at local coffee shops when I was in High School, Chuck Carrier. (Actually, we went on a trip to DC together, and he started dating my friend. That’s how I ended up at his shows.) And what do you know?! He’s doing shows with Sister Hazel and Edwin McCain. And you know what’s wierd about that? I used to watch Sister Hazel at frat parties at my college…I bought their White Album for $5 at a show. So anyway, I’m stoked to find that Chuck is making it as a musician. I remember him being super smart, and I thought he’d be an engineer or something by now.

So that’s exciting. Go buy his cds!