So here we are…

Aahhh, I was just about to embark on this new adventure, and the baby woke up. Be back soon…

I’m just learning to code. I’m also just beginning to have a little time to myself at the computer. And now I’m finding that the batteries are dying in my wireless keyboard. Soon, I hope to have a site of my own; dedicated to Moxy Media. For now, I’ll just while away the hours on this here blog.

So today I was reading up on the Rosie vs. Donald war. I have to say, I’m on Rosie’s side. Yes, she attacked him. Yes, she’s mouthy and opinionated. She mocked the combover. Don’t we all? I like Donald as well. Well, I like the Apprentice. But I think him calling her ugly was a little like the pot and the kettle. I think it’s ridiculous for him to sue her just to sue her – “for fun” as he put it. She’s on a show called “The View” – presumably to give hers. And he just didn’t like her view. Big deal. Lots of people want her to shut up. Not me. I like her. I loved her on Nip Tuck. I was a huge fan of her talk show. League of Our Own is one of my all time favorite movies. I bought her magazine. Some people say that she makes everything about being gay. I don’t think that at all.

Anyway, something really exciting just happened. I was on You Tube, looking for reference material to back up my Rosie v. Donald blabbery, and I found some girl named Esme Denters singing her ass off. Then I noticed that all kinds of random people post themselves singing. That’s right, I’m a little behind the times. So then I decide to type in the name of this guy who used to make tapes in his room and sing at local coffee shops when I was in High School, Chuck Carrier. (Actually, we went on a trip to DC together, and he started dating my friend. That’s how I ended up at his shows.) And what do you know?! He’s doing shows with Sister Hazel and Edwin McCain. And you know what’s wierd about that? I used to watch Sister Hazel at frat parties at my college…I bought their White Album for $5 at a show. So anyway, I’m stoked to find that Chuck is making it as a musician. I remember him being super smart, and I thought he’d be an engineer or something by now.

So that’s exciting. Go buy his cds!

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