So for the second day in a row, my husband’s car (the awesome Electric Lime Saturn that I purchased and he is now forced to drive) has been broken. So he’s been taking the Passat, leaving William and I stranded and the new casa. He’s all, “I’ll try to come home early so we can get it fixed.” Last night he got home around 7:30 pm.

The think that stinks about this situation is that we love to drive. Well, William loves to ride in the car, and I use it for at least 30 min to 1 hour of distraction per day. This is how I rationalize my daily venti soy chai with no foam, no water and an add shot (“that will be $4 million dollars please.”) So for the past two days, I’ve been forced to use the coffee pot that takes up quite a large footprint on my valuable kitchen counter space. Home coffee never tastes the same. It’s a little like home burgers that Eddie Murphy spoke of so eloquently on Raw. Even though I’m adding Vanilla Chai Spice creamer to it. And Splenda. It’s just not the same. Although it is remarkably cheaper.

And – to top it off, we were forced to enter the glorious So Cal sunshine today and go for a walk. Not having a car really takes away all my excuses. Well, not all of them. I could be unpacking right now.

Uh oh, I hear William making car noises…time to sing the “who’s awake” song.

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