My webhost just came up for renewal. I’m sticking with AN Hosting – no big problems, and I think the prices are reasonable. I did check out web hosting choice first to see my options, and they have lots of good info. But ultimately, I’m happy where I am. If you’re just starting out, I […]

dancing with the stars

Did anyone else see the lineup for the new Dancing With the Stars season? I’m not a huge fan of that show, but this season looks pretty good…Christy Yamaguchi, Monica Seles, Marly Matland…I don’t know how to spell these peoples’ names, but I want to see them dance! Penn from Penn and Teller? He’s a […]

sew what?

I made a new bag. I like it. I made up the pattern. It was pretty simple – your standard sew everything backwards and flip it all out through a little hole. The problem is that that flap is backwards. I took it apart and sewed it back together twice, and still, the flap is […]