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Here are my latest creations and almost creations. I made this cool hook roll using a bunch of Denyse Schmidt fabrics and my special pink Japanese bunny and squirrel fabric. I think it came out great. The pattern is from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and although it looked pretty intimidating with all of those strips, it was very fast and easy.

look at my hooks!

hook roll supplies

Plus, I loved using all those fabrics at once. I am really bad about collecting fabric and then not using it because I hate to cut it, and I hate the idea of not having it anymore. Isn’t that silly? What good is a fat quarter sitting in a box? Isn’t it much better cut into pieces and sewn into something cool? I can see the rationalilty of this right now, but when it comes to my next project, I’m sure I’ll have trouble selecting the fabric I’m willing to cut.

i put a hex on you!I’m also slowly working my way through a million hexagons. I don’t know how many I’ll make, but I cut about 400 squares from five different fabrics. And I’m using my handy hexagon templates (available for download!) which are working perfectly. I can’t decide if I want to just sew them into a big mix, or if I want to create a pattern with them. I saw a fun quilt in a book called Modern Primitive Quilts where the hexagons were appliqued around embroidered blocks – I loved that idea. Especially with fun embroidery patterns out there like Wee Wonderfuls stichettes. In fact, I think Heather Bailey’s fabrics would be the perfect frame for my Quilting Bee embroidery.

wee wonderful!

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  1. I just printed off the templates. Thanks so much! Your hexagons look really beautiful.

  2. Hooray! Someone used my template!

  3. cute stuff! I love that crochet hook organizer!

  4. Hey again!

    Why a cute crochet hook holder! I have got to dig out some of the stuff I’ve been avoiding cutting up and make one for my hooks (that I don’t use – but might one day!!) The nice thing with that, I guess you could lengthen the pattern heightwise, then put the little pockets on the top and use it for knitting needles too? Hope that made sense :P
    Until next time…

  5. Yep – I think that would work great! In fact, I wish I had lengthened the pattern in the first place, because I only have a few sets of knitting needles, and it would have been nice to just store ALL my needles in the same roll.

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