Pickens Plan

Well, I just looked up T. Boone Pickens. I guess he’s gone from bad to good, which I find hard to believe. The Sierra Club seems to be behind the Pickens Plan, but to me, it seems a little unclear. Plus, that guy is Shady McShady. I wonder what Al Gore thinks of T. Boone.


My sister’s dermatologist found a melanoma on her leg. She had a full battery of tests to see if it had spread and we’re just waiting on the results. A good friend of mine had a melanoma on his ear. After getting most of his ear removed, the cancer reemerged and moved into the lining […]

La Bump

Right now, my husband is shopping online for clothes for our son. He’s a little addicted to internet shopping, I think. He was asking me what sizes to get, and I had to say 4T! I can’t believe it. Of course, William isn’t wearing 4T yet, but David was buying him new shorts and t-shirts, […]

Tristan’s Top 10

On one of my yahoo! groups, we’ve been discussing politics quite a bit, even though its really a quilting group. There are some very smart, vocal people on there. This was recently posted by Tristan – fellow quilter and Democrat. He can be found at www.manmadequilts.com. Anyway, here’s the top ten reasons he’s voting for […]

Daunte Culpepper Retires

First of all, this headline made me feel old. Then it made me sad. He’s only 31! Daunte put my little school – that’s actually not so little – on the map. And now, his career has been cut short by injuries. Here’s the story: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/football/nfl/specials/preview/2008/09/04/culpepper.ap/index.html?section=si_latest This weekend, UCF will face off with USF. This […]