Fall TV Season

I can’t believe the fall season has already started! I’m so far behind, I haven’t even prepared my show matrix yet! Normally, I have an whole spreadsheet showing nights of the week, channels, shows, times and start dates for each of the new shows. This year, I’m so unprepared, that I had to buy the first to episodes of Gossip Girl on iTunes and I have to watch a rerun of Fringe on Saturday because I missed them. I’m going to have to buy 90210 and One Tree Hill, too.

Here’s the problem. A few days ago, my cable company, Verizon, went to an all digital signal. I thought this wouldn’t affet me because I have cable boxes on all the tvs. We have one of the Verizon bundles for cable, phone and ineternet. Anyway, so we also have a TiVo. So it turns out that because my TiVo is a dual-tuner dvr, meaning, I can record two channels at once, I now need a cable box for each tuner! That means I would need two cable boxes connected to my Tivo, all connected to my TV. That’s just crazy, right?

So, I’ve got an even better solution. The extra cable box was going to be another $10 a month, but through one of the Verizon offers, a Verizon DVR is only $15, and it’s dual tuner! So I’ve got a new DVR on the way, I’ll move the TiVo to our bedroom TV, and I can record all my shows and hubby can record golf golf golf. Definitely one of the best Verizon deals I’ve gotten.

Good news is I’ll be able to record everything. Bad news is that the DVR won’t be here for another few days…and I’m already missing shows. Hurry, DVR, hurry!

I’m particularly looking forward to Fringe. I’m enjoying Greek, Samurai Girl, Army Wives, The Closer, Monk, Psych…um, that’s all I can think of right now. I heart TV.

Idle thoughts on Idol

I really loved Brooke singing with Graham Nash. What a treat. So much more pleasurable that watching Brooke dance! I hated Jordin Sparks gold dress. I totally loved Gladys Knight and the “pips” – my eternal love for Robert Downey Jr. is validated once again.

Those were really the only highlights for me. I fast forwarded most of it. Oh yeah, I thought Syesha outsang Donna Summer, which (along with Donna’s wig) made me a little sad. I liked the George Michael tribute at the end – mostly because I love those songs. Especially Freedom. Chikeze is pretty awesome. I’ll buy his music on iTunes.

I feel bad for the choreographer of the national tour…he’s got a tough road ahead. I think only three or four of those top 12 have any natural rhythm.

Was Paula crying for George Michael? She’s so corny. She’s like the craziest fan girl of them all.

As for the winner, I’m not going to post it, just in case you haven’t watched your Tivo yet. Well, I’ll tell you it’s a David. ha ha ha. Does it really matter which one? They’re both great.

Now, it’s off to Top Chef…and tomorrow, So You Think You Can Dance!! Woo hoo!!!

my tv addiction

My name is Blabby and I’m addicted to television. I’m also addicted to fabric shopping, yarn shopping, food shopping (but not cooking) and book shopping, but those are matters for another post. My topic today is TV addiction. Cable companies make it so easy these days to feed addictions. Take Cox television. From Cox, you can get a Cox bundle which includes high speed internet (another addiction), phone and cable. Along with that, you can add other cox services like a dvr…now I have a Tivo, but I used to use Cox’s DVR, and I loved it. The only reason I got a Tivo is that I moved to an area that didn’t offer DVRs yet. This has been remedied.

Now, here’s how my addiction manifests. I turn on my cable and hit the guide button, and I’m shown a wonderland of choices. Hundreds and hundreds of viewing choices. Do I want to watch a documentary on the Battle of the Bulge on the military channel? Sure, I love the part when Gen. McAuliffe says “Nuts!”…or how about The Antiques Roadshow? Absolutely! (Oh man, she thought that crazy armoir she hauled to the convention center was going to be worth WAY more!) Can’t find something? There’s always an episode of CSI or Law and Order on somewhere.

Why am I talking about this? Well, TV Turn Off week is April 21-27. Will I comply? I’m not sure I can. This isn’t denial, this is honesty. I heart my TV and I don’t care who knows it!

I miss my blog

I’ve started this new part-time job that uses up all of nap time each day. Also, my brother-in-law is staying with us, and the computer is in the guest room, so my blogging time has been greatly reduced.

There’s actually been so much to blog about, it makes it even harder to get back to business.

I will say that I’m loving this new job, although there doesn’t seem to be enough time to complete everything I need to – it’s mostly because I’m not very efficient yet. I have faith that I’ll improve.

I just watched Marie Antoinette again (with Kirsten Dunst), and I love all the sexy corsets. I can’t imagine wearing them, or dealing with the crazy hairstyles, but I still love that movie.

I’ve been trying to catch up on the two weeks of shows we tivoed while we were on vacation, plus all the shows that have recorded since we returned, and I’m way behind. I just want to say that I LOVE Life, Chuck and Brothers and Sisters. Those three are the only ones I’m up to date on. Is anyone watching Tin Man? I’ve tivoed it…but haven’t watched it yet.
That’s it for now. More to come…

Saving Grace and other shows

Saving Grace Holly HunterIs anyone watching Saving Grace on TNT? I really liked the first episode, but the second one was a little wierd. I still love Holly Hunter though, so I’ll keep watching it. Plus, there’s really not much else on. So here’s the status of my TV watching right now:


Days of Our Lives
Uncommon Threads and Creative Juice on DIY


All TNT – The Closer, Heartland, and Saving Grace


Greek on ABC Family

Eureka on Sci Fi


Top Chef on Bravo
So You Think You Can Dance


So You Think You Can Dance
Burn Notice on USA


Monk and Psych on USA


Big fat nothing…I hate Saturday (for TV purposes).


All Lifetime: Side Order of Life, State of Mind, and Army Wives.

I guess TNT is trying to throw a wrench in my Tivo schedule this Sunday, because they’re starting a new 3-week special series called The Company that looks great. I’m going to have to figure a way around the not being able to record two cable channels at once.

I also love History Detectives on PBS. I’m not sure when it comes on – my Tivo just records it when it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

Anyone else watching something good that I’m missing out on?