Veet – use with caution!

So I bought some Veet because Alyssa Milano told me it would make my legs look like hers. Well, the commercial says something like that. Anyway, I’ve never had any luck with depilatories. They are usually stinky and don’t work. But this one has that cool little rasera thing – the fake razor/hair scraper tool. So I bought a bonus pack at WalMart, which consisted of two cans of the hair removal mouse and one fake little razor.

I read the entire back of the can, every single tiny little precaution. I only applied the smelly (smells good at first, but then the depilatory smell comes out) cream to my lower legs and my armpits. I do not have sensitive skin. Well, I should say, I DIDN’T have sensitive skin. The burning sensation started immediately. Anyway, I put it on, waited 2.5 minutes, turned the shower on, and started rinsing the first let at exactly 3 minutes. Burning burning burning. It felt like I was scraping off my skin with the fake little razor. Under the cream, my leg was bright red.

Now, almost 12 hours later, I have what looks like scratches all over my legs – raised, red welts. My underarms are basically solid red and VERY painful. At the moment I have cold wash clothes stuck in my armpits.

So I just went online and googled Veet, and guess what I found? A million sites with testimonies of chemical burns from instruction-followers like myself. I even found this crazy petition to have Veet banned from the shelves. I did find a few people that had successful results, but I don’t see how.

Anyone else have an opinion?

The upside I guess is that even though my legs and armpits are on fire, they are quite smooth. The price of beauty?

On the other hand, if you decide to use it, they have a $2 off coupon on But unless you have skin of steel, I wouldn’t try it.

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  1. Veet? Never tried it. And now I know I never will!

  2. Stephanie! says:

    i tried it once. and had the same experience. threw it right out!

  3. I never use that kind of stuff for the very reason you are writing. One of the benefits of being a miserable old lady is that your leg hair are wispy white and few and far between. But I am hurt’n for you gal and hope your misery goes away soon. Try Aveno Oliated Bath oatmeal. It was invented by a god.

  4. Tabitha Charlton says:

    I tried it today and now am in desperate need of a pain reliever. My roommate is on her way to Walgreens to speak to a pharmacist because a nurse suggested Desitin since it is a burn produced, in part, by the 2nd ingredient (UREA) which is one of the same causes of diaper rash. I only applied to my legs from the knee down. Immediately it started burning a little where the product touched the area behind my knee. I did not apply a thick layer behind my knee, as instructed. As I quickly began to apply it to my second leg, less than 2 minutes in, it began burning so badly behind the knee of my first leg that I ran into the bathroom and used a clean cloth dampened with cool water to wipe it off from behind my first leg. Then I immediately began removing it from behind the knee of my second leg. I had all of the veet removed from both legs at approximately 3 minutes – 3.5 minutes. The hair was removed from both legs, however, I have gigantic spots behind and beside both knees. I’m of average height, in good, athletic shape. I work out and have a high tolerance for pain, yet this is unreal. Even keeping my legs straight without anything touching the burned area, the pain is intense. I tried a cool bath – couldn’t stand it. I tried vitamin E and aloe vera, extremely extremely extremely intense pain. I can’t stand for anything to touch it. I would not recommend this product. I followed the instructions exactly. I tried a test area on my ankle and it was fine. Nothing to indicate danger when allowing the product to come in contact with the space behind my knees.(nor did the directions warn against)

  5. Yikes! I hope it feels better soon. Now we know to google these things before we try them, right?

  6. i tried it and it didnt hurt!
    i guess your skin is more delicate than mine!

  7. I just got a chemical burn from veet in my bikini area after using it for 2 years no problem. Everywhere i looked online it suggested Desatin diaper rash cream and warm wash cloths. It just got worse. I went to the dr and he told me the diaper rash cream made it worse and how bad of an idea that was. He said 2-3 cold baths a day and neosporin. Nothing else. Oh and ibuprofin for pain and swelling. No topical pain reliever because of the area it was in absorbs to much

  8. That’s crazy. I have (normally) really sensitive skin, and I’ve been singing the praises of Veet since high school! Now I guess I’ll use more caution when suggesting it to girlfriends. I was considering whether to try it on my armpits, but this has convinced me it’s not such a good idea.

  9. Ban veet?! If it doesnt work for you, then just dont use it. Very simple. Veet is awesome.

    For some reason though, the veet for “sensitive skin” makes me break out in hives. The one for “normal” skin works perfectly.

  10. I just applied this to my entire legs as well as my bikini area, as i am sick and tired of shaving. The front of my legs, although red, don’t really hurt as much as the back of my legs. All of the back of my legs are in extreme agony. Even having a towel touch it hurts like hell. I used the dark pink/purple bottle. I didn’t apply a lot behind my knees and yet i have huge welts that are an angry red. I absolutely do not recommend this product to anyone. I do not have sensitive skin on my body and i for one never expected this.

  11. Last night: applied to my legs – fine, applied to bikini area – fine, applied to armpits, fine until AFTER I removed it, then burning like hell. Pits still stinging this morning. Maybe my armpit skin was already irritated by daily shaving, as opposed to the rest that hadn’t been touched in a while.

  12. I’ve just started using Veet. I have had no problems at all with it. I use the shower gel sensitive formula. I love it. No burning. A little redness right after removing the hair but goes away after a few minutes. I test it on my skin each and every time before I use it. I struggle with having to shave every day so this product is a miracle for me. I wish it worked for all of you the way it does for me. I use it on my underarms, legs bikini line.

  13. I’m so glad I don’t seem like I was overreacting when I was complaining last night. I instantly got a birning sensation and followed the instructions. As I have an olive complexion so my hairs are bound to be thicker so I had to leave it on a little longer like said. The scraper tool was worse than what my.razor does to my legs I now have huge red patches all over my legs and raised bumbs :/. It really does feel like scraping my skin off. Lucas paw paw is now on my legs and the stinging has eased. I really hope they ban this because it is a very likely choice to try for individuals with sensitive skin such as myself. Thank you for your information everyone.

  14. I found your page coz I burnt my armpit by Veet.
    I was okay with Veet for almost two years… Last week I used it and then shave the remaining black spot with a bazor (I lost my knife-less one). However when I use Veet tonight, it burnt my armpit. I am so confused why it only burns my skin this time… Fortunately I wash it ASAP so it didn’t get red, but still very itchy…
    I am still thinking the reason of the irritation… Is it the problem of Veet or germs? Since my armpit(yeah, one. Coz i just tried one armpit. Another one was shaved by bazor) has no bad smell, the possibility of getting infected is quite low…
    Maybe it is becoz the frequency of shaving…. I shave my hair once every 2weeks….
    Does anyone know how to reduce the pain? How can I identify the difference between infection and irrItation?

  15. Hi all. I’m a guy, and I hate the body hair feel, so I’ve been using veet for a few years. I moved on to a depilator for arms, chest and legs because the results are more permanent, but I still use the cream for armpits. Out of the blue, after years of no problems, I used it and got a crazy bad reaction. My armpits felt like they were on fire, and when I tried scraping the hair off it felt like I was using 10 grit sandpaper on raw skin. I have a high threshold for pain but I swear I nearly cried it was so bad. I don’t know why this happened, I’ve had no problems in the years I’ve used it, just randomly had a severe irritation to the cream. I won’t go so far as to say I’ll never use it again, but I’m definitely going to be a lot more careful as I have no wish to experience that kind of pain again.

  16. I had a bad reaction to veet on my under arms.
    The only problem is, something has happened since I did it , I have a terrible stale B O smell now on my underarms and I have never suffered with B O before.

    What on earth has happened?????

  17. I used the green bottle for sensitive skin tonight. I read all the instructions, etc. and followed them to the letter. I did a small test patch on the inside of my right ankle and had no issues. It seemed to moderately remove the hair at 3 minutes but looked like an extra 30 seconds was required. I moved onto my right shin and outside of my calf. BOOM! Instant red flare up and stinging on my shin. I left it on for 3m30s and now have a huge red patch about 3″x3″ that burns like mad. I have run cool water over it without soap for about 10-15 minutes and it is settling marginally but starts burning upon touching it with my hand. I will be returning the product and not using this again. I would highly caution anyone from using it, especially after I read this message board. I hope the burning sensation goes away soon!!! :(

  18. I think my armpit just burning and i just used it on my vagina to remove the pubic I feel so much pain..what I gonna do right now girls?????????

  19. samuel christiana says:

    A friend of mine recommended very shower bath to me and I both it from a super market after the first two weeks of using it I started experiencing hives all over my body am in pains right now.

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