A finished quilt…

cheeseI’ve finished one more of the quilt tops that had been stored in the garage. This one is earmarked for my sister…hope she likes it! It’s called a cobblestone (although I’ve also heard it called a brick road – I think the rectangles are smaller on the cobblestone.) It’s made mostly of the Wuthering Heights line from Moda, with some remnant fabric for the border and backing. It’s also my first go at freehand machine quilting. I attempted the squiggly lines down each column of cobbles – some came out better than others. I probably could have done a much better job if I had drawn guidelines, but that seemed a little like writing a rough draft – which I’ve never had the patience for. Sadly, my impatience shows – especially on the darker fabrics. But I doubt you can tell in these pictures, so just assume it’s perfect!

cobblestone quilt

cobblestone quilt back

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  1. Gorgeous! All those tiny pieces… How do you do it, especially with your “helper”?

  2. He was still cooking when I made this quilt top – he just helped with the sandwiching, quilting and then the big rig testing :) BTW, the quilt passed the big rig test with flying colors!

  3. Stephanie! says:

    what a fantastic quilt! it is beautiful :o)

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