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Can you read that star? It says “The Next Grammy Winner Award” because my kid is a robot-dancing, beat-boxing fool! Right after this photo, his teacher handed him the mic, and he treated the audience to some beats. Watch out, Biz Markie!

Teacher Gifts

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I made these little zipper pouches for my son’s preschool teachers. Tucked inside each one was a matching coffee quilty, a key fob with a charged up Starbucks card on it, and a card. I think these little gifts were a hit!

teacher gifts-2

The floral fabric was a find at Joanns. I found three precut fat quarters and THAT’S IT! I’d love to find more. It’s got all my favorite colors in it.

Quick and Easy Recipes

I made the easiest best dinner the other night. Chicken breasts and pineapple slices thrown on the grill. That’s it! It took all of 15 minutes and almost no mess at all! I tell you, I am not good at the fast, healthy meals. I often want to go to In-n-Out. Or McDonalds. But then I feel so GUILTY! I know that a little preparation would solve my food problems. I used to buy a bunch of cooking magazines, but now I know I’ll never look through them to find a recipe. I always go online. One favorite spot for quick and easy recipes is I like this site because it has recipes from Southern Living, Cooking Light and All You. It also has this function where users can add a “twist” to the recipe – a comment right on the recipe about the changes they made to make the recipe better. I need all the help I can get! Here are some favorites:

Grilled Chicken Fingers with Manchurian Sauce – chicken fingers in any form are a big hit. Chicken fingers that don’t require oil, bowls of flour, big crazy messes are a big hit with me.

Fruit kabobs – everything is more fun on a stick!

Black Bean Nuggets with avocado dipping sauce – yummy! I leave out the chili powder and hot sauce and my son gobbles them up.

There are a couple new ones I want to try – more kid recipes of course, because that’s the picky audience around here. Like maybe the Salmon Fishcakes or the Pumpkin Fritters.

I actually love to cook and try new recipes. But where do people find the time? And I always seem to be missing one ingredient. That is a bummer.

Anyway, being more prepared with healthy, easy to prepare food on hand is a constant goal. I thought I’d write it here to keep me honest. So let’s make a goal – one new healthy recipe a week. Easy enough, right? We’ll see!

gems on the web

We’re reading Skippy Jon Jones around here – have you read it? It’s awesome. So in the spirit of Skippito Friskito, let me say, “Holy Guacamole!” There is so much awesome stuff on the web. Here are a few beans from my pinata:

Latifah Saafir, co-founder of the LA Modern Quilt Guild, has reinvented her blog. Her new home on the www is, and it’s looking awesome. I especially love her latest quilt.

Tons of awesome new fabric on the way. I’m greedily eyeing the new LizzyHouse line, Castle Peeps. And not just for the awesome name! I especially love the castle-scape prints, although I truly love the whole line.

Castle Peeps - Gallant Green Castle Town by LizzyHouse

It looks like Fabricworm will have it on sale any day now. And look at this Villagers Rejoice quilt! Super awesome. You can read all about it and download the pattern here.

And of course, I’m counting down until Far Far Away II is released. Can’t wait!