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I made the easiest best dinner the other night. Chicken breasts and pineapple slices thrown on the grill. That’s it! It took all of 15 minutes and almost no mess at all! I tell you, I am not good at the fast, healthy meals. I often want to go to In-n-Out. Or McDonalds. But then I feel so GUILTY! I know that a little preparation would solve my food problems. I used to buy a bunch of cooking magazines, but now I know I’ll never look through them to find a recipe. I always go online. One favorite spot for quick and easy recipes is ivillage.com/food. I like this site because it has recipes from Southern Living, Cooking Light and All You. It also has this function where users can add a “twist” to the recipe – a comment right on the recipe about the changes they made to make the recipe better. I need all the help I can get! Here are some favorites:

Grilled Chicken Fingers with Manchurian Sauce – chicken fingers in any form are a big hit. Chicken fingers that don’t require oil, bowls of flour, big crazy messes are a big hit with me.

Fruit kabobs – everything is more fun on a stick!

Black Bean Nuggets with avocado dipping sauce – yummy! I leave out the chili powder and hot sauce and my son gobbles them up.

There are a couple new ones I want to try – more kid recipes of course, because that’s the picky audience around here. Like maybe the Salmon Fishcakes or the Pumpkin Fritters.

I actually love to cook and try new recipes. But where do people find the time? And I always seem to be missing one ingredient. That is a bummer.

Anyway, being more prepared with healthy, easy to prepare food on hand is a constant goal. I thought I’d write it here to keep me honest. So let’s make a goal – one new healthy recipe a week. Easy enough, right? We’ll see!

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  1. Awesome, I am always looking for good recipes that the whole family can eat. Thanks!

  2. I am the worse kind of foodie, one who loves fresh, organic food but hates complex preparations in the kitchen. And anything beyond slice-and-sprinkle-salt on it is complex to me …

  3. this is my fave right now:
    cook some pasta -shapes, not strings.
    throw some cherry or grape tomatoes in a hot skillet with some olive oil and torn up fresh basic leaves and saute them a bit. toss in the cooked, drained pasta, some more olive oil, and torn-up bits of fresh mozzarella (this is great for little helpers), stir it up, and you are done. if you need protein, feel free to add some cooked chicken or italian sausage, and then you have all 4 food groups.

  4. errr, i meant basil leaves. i went away for 3 weeks and the plant in my backyard is still alive, so i can make this tonite!

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