Daunte Culpepper Retires

First of all, this headline made me feel old. Then it made me sad. He’s only 31! Daunte put my little school – that’s actually not so little – on the map. And now, his career has been cut short by injuries. Here’s the story:


This weekend, UCF will face off with USF. This rivalry is getting fierce – I hope we decimate them. I particulary dislike USF because they were so efficient in setting up their football team and surpassing us in achievements and support in lightening speed. But now, the playing field is leveling out. This should be a good game on Saturday, and I can’t wait to see the Knights kick the crap out of the Bulls!


Well, we lost in overtime, and the crybaby Bulls won’t play us anymore. The game was super exciting and then a huge bummer. Luckily, there are two more nationally-televised games this season :) Go Knights!

3 Replies to “Daunte Culpepper Retires”

  1. Sad sad sad about Daunte.

    Go Florida!

  2. Booooo!

  3. From a fellow grasd at UCF…GO KNIGHTS!!!

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