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So much has been happening. Obama clinches the nomination, So You Think You Can Dance started, I made lots of crafts and food, my son started saying things like “that’s enough, Mommy!” and “just leave it!” Whew. I’ve been avoiding the blog…too much to say.

Hope stickers

Well, let’s start at the beginning. First, I’ve been a little wary to claim victory for Barack – Hillary has 17 million reasons to hold out until the convention, and I wouldn’t put it past her. Obama '08 magnetBut I did receive my cool Obama magnet (my gift for donating), so that’s exciting. I also got my super awesome Shepard Fairey stickers from Sticker Robot, but because of they’re VERY permanent sticking capabilities, I’ve been a little gun shy about sticking them on anything. Not to be too much of a bandwagon fan, but as soon as Barack’s nomination is a little more set in stone, I plan to put the first on on my sewing machine. It’s decidedly naked in it’s unadorned state.

william watches history unfold

Next on the blogging list? Reality TV. Step it Up and Dance’s finale was a little anti-climatic. I won’t reveal the winner in case it’s still stewing in your Tivo, but I’ll just say it wasn’t much of a surprise. I have been thoroughly enjoying the auditions for this year’s So You Think You Can Dance – I can’t wait for the top 20 to begin their competition. Some of the audition stuff seems to be setting the dancers up for failure. Like that last girl Katie, that got picked over her best friend. They already portrayed her as a quitter to the American public, and made her look like she didn’t care if her friend got in, even though her friend was SOOO supportive of her. So that’s not good. I’m excited about the finale of Top Chef. If Lisa wins I’ll be very sad. I can’t stand the way she stands in front of the judges table – that awful “who gives a shit” face she makes is getting on my nerves. Stephanie and Blaise seem to be more deserving of the title based on their performance throughout the season. I like them both the same.

I think I’ll make my crafty achievements a new post – so that’s it for now.

goose bumps

I get both the Hillary campaign emails and the Barack campaign emails…I usually delete them both after reading the first few lines. They’re almost always a solicitation for donations. But for whatever reason, I read this one to the end, and then donated. I thought I’d share it here…there’s something inspiring about “the largest grassroots campaign in the history of our nation.”

From Barack’s campaign:

Dear Friend,

Make a matching donation In the last 24 hours we saw renewed attacks from Senator McCain and Senator Clinton.

The same John McCain who voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest few said I was “out of touch” when I spoke about the frustrations that working people in this country are feeling.

Maybe that’s to be expected from John McCain. But I was disappointed to hear the exact same talking points from my Democratic colleague, Hillary Clinton. When a candidate who believes lobbyists represent “real people” says that I’m out of touch, that’s when you know politics is being played.

But in the last 24 hours we’ve also heard from people like you.

We asked some of the 1.3 million people who have already donated to this movement for change to share their story and promise to match your first donation to the campaign.

Here are some of the people waiting to match your donation:

Rick from Florida matched a donation of $25, writing:

I am a typical American just like you. I’ve served in the military, I work hard for a living and I want what’s best for my country, not just me. I’ve seen what’s happened over the last years and I am deeply saddened, worried and, yes, even bitter. But I see something in Barack Obama I have never seen in a presidential candidate in my own 45 years and the hope and inspiration I feel right now brings tears even as I write this to you. We don’t get many chances like this. I don’t have much to give but I give what I can because it’s important and I ask that you please consider joining me with a few dollars that, added to the small contributions from millions of people like you and I, can be what it takes to really change things. Thanks in advance!

Eve from Oregon matched a donation of $50, writing:

I’m thrilled that Barack recognizes how frustrated so many of us are by the politics of fear and cynicism we’ve seen these past seven years! But what really sets him apart is that he’s not afraid to speak the truth and say what’s not supposed to be spoken – that yes, we can love our country but also be frustrated with it’s direction and leadership.

Thank you for making a donation to this amazing…campaign! Yes, we can!

See for yourself what kind of movement this is. Make a matching donation now:


When we started this campaign, we said we were going to do something different.

We said we weren’t going to take money from Washington lobbyists and PACs. And the cynics said we would never be able to compete against the status quo.

But what the cynics didn’t anticipate was you.

They didn’t understand that people like Rick, Eve, and you were tired of a politics that was about tearing each other down instead of lifting this country up.

And they didn’t understand that you were going to finance this campaign with contributions of $5, $25 and $50 at a time.

There’s nothing elitist about the largest grassroots campaign in the history of our country — and you can prove that right now.

Make a matching donation of $25:


Thank you for all that you’re doing to change our country.



My treasure for a caucus

Wouldn’t it be fun to be an Iowan? I have been begging my family and friends to discuss politics with me. My mother-in-law, who lives in Paris, and my German sister-in-law, had more opinions on US politics than any of my fellow country-men. What does that say about the system?

I would love to be a caucus-goer…debating with my neighbors about why my team is the best. “Come to my side…here’s why!”

The problem is, I don’t have a side. Well, I have a side, and it’s decidedly DEMOCRAT, but among the dems, I’m a little confused. I’m having trouble figuring out how to really find the minutia of the plans of Obama, Edwards and Clinton. I’m increasingly more and more in support of John Edwards, but I’m afraid he’s just not going to have enough money to see the process through.

My brother-in-law made a comment about “what’s the point? The free mason’s already know who the presidents will be for the next 50 years” or something like that. I can’t tell you how much this saddens me.

I don’t care what secret societies are at work. I have hope, and I want change. I want the middle class to be saved. I want corrupt big business out of business. I want WalMart to only buy clothes manufactured in countries with fair labor laws (like Cambodia!) and to stop ruling the economies of third-world countries by demanding cheap jeans. I want Americans to pay attention to the products they’re buying and have a little personal responsibility for the choices they make.

I want my husband and my brother-in-law to get informed and get excited about the political process.

I want my son to grow up hopeful, not full of disillusionment and apathy.

Do I want too much?

Smart Entrepreneurs…depresident.com

Well, the smart entrepreneurs/funny liberals at dpresident.com are getting a jump on election gear. From Barack Obama t-shirts and stickers to “I heart elections” – this funny site is worth taking a look at.

From their About blurb: “Depresident.com is dedicated to bringing you fair and balanced Anti Bush facts, some truth and some pure truthiness.” Pretty funny. If you’ve got a little time, check out their Bushisms page…funny and sad at the same time.

Here are my favorite designs from their shop. I like the retro look of the oval, I like what they did with the’08 in vote, and I just plain love the “I heart elections” idea. I think I need one of those.


I heart elections

vote hillary


Hooray – I’ve got a new blog! Now I can put all my vast political opinions over there and keep this one light and fluffy and full of romance novels. I hope you’ll check out my new site, and link to me!


Right now, there’s only one new post. The rest are duplicate posts from here. Very soon though, it will be filled with interesting commentary, the latest news on the candidates, and mostly my long-winded, highly-biased opinions. Happy reading, and most importantly, happy voting!