tv update (sytycd spoiler alert)

Of course I’m glued to the Olympics, but I’ve started Tivo-ing them because NBC is going CRAZY with commercial breaks. I think I’m just so used to the Tivo that I have no patience for commercials. Especially after each and every 5 minutes of Olympic coverage. I’m sure I’m missing really good Hallmark-esque Olympic moments. […]

Keeping my political head up

It’s a little challenging keeping my political head up these days. I’m super excited for a change in administration, but what’s happening now is very troubling. First, the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus failed. What do we stand for, anyway? Beacon of freedom and democracy, my a#*. Then, Congress voted to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard […]

Hooray – I’ve got a new blog! Now I can put all my vast political opinions over there and keep this one light and fluffy and full of romance novels. I hope you’ll check out my new site, and link to me! Right now, there’s only one new post. The rest are duplicate posts […]