Tristan’s Top 10

On one of my yahoo! groups, we’ve been discussing politics quite a bit, even though its really a quilting group. There are some very smart, vocal people on there. This was recently posted by Tristan – fellow quilter and Democrat. He can be found at Anyway, here’s the top ten reasons he’s voting for […]

tv update (sytycd spoiler alert)

Of course I’m glued to the Olympics, but I’ve started Tivo-ing them because NBC is going CRAZY with commercial breaks. I think I’m just so used to the Tivo that I have no patience for commercials. Especially after each and every 5 minutes of Olympic coverage. I’m sure I’m missing really good Hallmark-esque Olympic moments. […]

To Independence!

Happy 4th, everyone! I love love love all things revolutionary, and this is my favorite holiday! Let’s have a resurgence of the kind of thinking and activism that the founding fathers exhibited! Get involved, write a pamphlet (um, blog) like Thomas Paine (wiki), repeal a tax like Ben Franklin(wiki).  Close Gitmo, impeach the President and […]

Smart Entrepreneurs…

Well, the smart entrepreneurs/funny liberals at are getting a jump on election gear. From Barack Obama t-shirts and stickers to “I heart elections” – this funny site is worth taking a look at. From their About blurb: “ is dedicated to bringing you fair and balanced Anti Bush facts, some truth and some pure […]

The President is funny…on purpose this time

I can count on one hand the times I’ve wanted to listen to the President. That’s not to say I don’t listen, I almost always do, but I usually don’t enjoy it. I think this is an example of him at his best…although his comic timing isn’t great, his self-deprecation is appreciated.