To Independence!

flagHappy 4th, everyone! I love love love all things revolutionary, and this is my favorite holiday! Let’s have a resurgence of the kind of thinking and activism that the founding fathers exhibited! Get involved, write a pamphlet (um, blog) like Thomas Paine (wiki), repeal a tax like Ben Franklin(wiki).  Close Gitmo, impeach the President and VP, put Scooter Libby in jail,  send a care package to a soldier, end the war!

Okay, that went in an unexpected direction. But I’m not sorry.

I dream of a day when we have a leader like John Adams or Thomas Jefferson that we can really get behind –  not necessarily their personal beliefs, but their VISION for what this country could be! We’re so far removed from that, it’s very saddening.

Anyway, happy independence day. Be careful with your fireworks! Keep water/fire extinguishers close by.

BTW, I just won my final auction of yarn on eBay. Now I’m getting 31.5 skeins for less than $60! And they’re fancy yarns! Woo hoo!

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  1. Finally, a call for resignation!

    George Bush’s Impeachment

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