Book Binge

Thanks to BookMama, I’ll be participating in Book Binge – where I keep track of all my books for the month of April, and list them on her blog (and mine, too). Leave her a comment if you want to participate!

5 Replies to “Book Binge”

  1. Hey thanks for the heads up. I am going to sign up for this too.

  2. Cool – we can compare lists :) I bet we’ll have more YA books than most.

  3. I’d like to participate :-) . silly me. I just realized that it says to comment on Book Mama’s blog.
    I only read two or three books a month though.

  4. One book, two books, any books are great books! Looking forward to what you have to say about them.

  5. I enjoy good read too and it would be nice to learn what you will have to share with us here :)


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