Happy Feet ~ sad times

happy feetHave you seen this movie? I loved it, and I was glad it had a happy ending (sorry for the spoiler, if you haven’t seen it) for my son’s sake, although he didn’t really care. BUT, I was crying like a baby because that happy ending is so implausible in real life.

So, since I’m not a huge fish consumer, I thought the best way for me to take a little action is to share the list of fish recommendations provided in the DVD. It seems like a handy list, and I hope people start taking this seriously, because scientists have already reported that there will “virtually nothing left to fish from the seas” in 45-50 years!

I can’t imagine that my grandchildren my never get to taste wild salmon. It seems like a small thing, but really, what a huge hole in the ecosystem. And what about all the metaphors about salmon swimming upstream? When I tell my grandchildren about hard work, and I use salmon as an example, they’ll be like, “you’re crazy, grandma, what the heck are salmon?”

Don’t forget to check out the Seafood Watch list of recommendations:

seafood watch card

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