Book #10

Quiet as the Grave by Kathleen O'Brien

Update: Check out the comments…I’m the “most awesome fan”!!! Woo hoo! Thanks Kathleen!

Quiet as the Grave by Kathleen O’Brien. Seriously, I thought that the last book was my favorite Firefly Glen book, but this one was the best. Intrigue, creepy people, murder, love, parenting issues…what more could you ask for? I’m glad I waited and read it last.

Now here’s my request for Kathleen. She introduced some of the kids created by all the love matches in the earlier books. I’d like to see some more Firefly Glen books featuring the kids when they grow up. It can be like how on Days of Our Lives, all the kids were babies, then all of a sudden, they were in high school with their own story lines. Now they have kids…you see where I’m going with this.

Come on Kathleen! Hurry and write some more :) No wonder this is a 2007 RITA finalist. I can’t wait until July to see if you won!

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  1. Hi! You are the most awesome fan any writer could ever hope for! I get a tingle just reading these blogs, and practically lift off my chair….then can’t wait to sit back down and write some more. Seriously, writing is such a solitary occupation…it means everything to know that the stories really are winging their way out there and finding the readers who like them.

    Thanks for all your generous comments!



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