Happy Belated Earth Day

My new favorite blogger, Kirsten, posted a nice Earth Day “here’s what I’m doing to help the Earth” post with some goals for next year, and I really liked it. so here’s mine. First, a roll-up of 2008’s efforts: We’ve cut out all napkins and most paper towels. We actually gave up paper towels too, […]

Pickens Plan

Well, I just looked up T. Boone Pickens. I guess he’s gone from bad to good, which I find hard to believe. The Sierra Club seems to be behind the Pickens Plan, but to me, it seems a little unclear. Plus, that guy is Shady McShady. I wonder what Al Gore thinks of T. Boone.


I recently saw something on Zaproot.com talking about how ethanol really isn’t much better environmentally. My brother in law just bought a new Ford F750 or something – just kidding, it’s a F150, but it’s huge and ridiculous. But the sad truth is that it’s awesome. My dad has a Toyota Tundra and it’s also […]


We have to be vigilant. Even if distrust of our politicians is pervasive, we’re not powerless. It’s easier than ever to write your Representatives and your Senators. Don’t wait. How sad that anyone would allow a blank check for something as unproven as nuclear energy, when SCHIP fails again. Don’t let it happen. Take Action: […]