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Right now, my husband is shopping online for clothes for our son. He’s a little addicted to internet shopping, I think. He was asking me what sizes to get, and I had to say 4T! I can’t believe it. Of course, William isn’t wearing 4T yet, but David was buying him new shorts and t-shirts, and he’s wearing 2T’s now that are getting a little small, and soon, it won’t be time for shorts anymore, so these shorts will be for next summer. It’s funny, David asked, “should I get him 24 months?” Sheesh.

So anyway, I’m still not really feeling the pull to have a second baby. I mean, every once in a while when I hold a tiny baby, I remember how much I loved that part, but I’m not sure. The other thing that gets me thinking about new babies is baby clothes. Sweet little dresses and shoes and socks. Is it lame to want to have a girl for the clothes? The problem is that once that girl was about four, I’d be totally clueless. I’m not a girly girl, my mother was not a girly girl. I have no girly experience. I’d be a total failure as a mom to a girl. Well, not a total failure…she’d know about civic responsibility and books and musicals, but probably nothing about high fashion or shoes or hair styling. Oh yeah, I could also teach her quilting. And some good dance moves. I guess that’s not nothing.

Plus, there is the huge closet full of maternity clothes I still have. And all the baby stuff we’ve packed away for future use.

So anyway, the perfect marriage between my husband’s internet shopping problem and our enormous amount of baby stuff – whether we sell it or need more girl stuff – is a new site called La Bump. It’s similar to craigslist where people list stuff they have to sell or what they need to buy. Very cool concept. I’m looking forward to when its super popular and full of stuff. I highly recommend it to all mommies in need!

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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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