dancing with the stars

Did anyone else see the lineup for the new Dancing With the Stars season? I’m not a huge fan of that show, but this season looks pretty good…Christy Yamaguchi, Monica Seles, Marly Matland…I don’t know how to spell these peoples’ names, but I want to see them dance! Penn from Penn and Teller? He’s a big goofy guy. I can’t wait to see him. And Steve Gutenberg and Adam Corolla? And the girl from Hairspray? Excellent. No anti-aging pills for these people – everyone looks great – even Priscilla Presley, although her collagen lips are a little weird. Anyway, I am actually looking forward to this one.

As for the Bruno and Carrie Ann battle, it wasn’t all that exciting. That Kelsey is a super-awesome dancer, though. I wish I had her legs!

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  1. I HAVE to send you “Can’t Stop the Music” before this season starts. Steve Gutenberg is amazing on rollerskates!

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