beautiful quilt story

My husband and I receive the Christian Science Monitor at home. I find it to be an excellent news source for both national and international news. But more than that, there is always a funny or heart-warming or otherwise endearing story near the end of the issue. Recently, my husband tore out a page and left it for me – it was this story about quilts by Joan Donaldson. I love it, and I know all you quilters out there will love it too.

There was also this funny one by Joe Lavin about being a failure on Facebook – to which I can wholeheartedly relate.

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  1. Great story…I just bought a vintage quilt top at a flea market (9 dollars) simply because it was in a heap. Beautiful handwork. I just can’t stand to see another quilter’s work not respected. I don’t know if it’s in good enough condition to actually finish, but I know it’s clean, folded and stored lovingly.

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